#AadheMeinZyaada: How Sugarlite leveraged influencers to create buzz around the smart sugar

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Changing the tune of New Year resolutions completely, Sugarlite’s launch campaign takes an innovative route with influencer outreach initiative. #AadheMeinZyaada urges consumers to replace the traditional no sugar and eat less New Year resolutions to eat more sweets this year.

Enter – Sugarlite, is a 100% Natural Blended Sugar. It’s a smart sugar made from a blend of sugar and stevia, which provides 50% less calories while being just as sweet as sugar. Sugarlite is an ideal choice of all cooking needs for the entire family. Social Samosa takes a look at the brand’s two-pronged approach towards influencer marketing.

BUZZing Content

#AadheMeinZyaada is an anti-revolution, based on the ideology that ‘why eat aadha (like most New Year resolutions are) when you can eat zyaada thanks to Sugarlite. The brand roped in prominent influencers such as Chef Sanjeev Kapoor, Sonali Swami, Shweta Mehta, Ankita Singh, KidsStopPress, and Sarah Hussain to create content around the brand’s ideology.

These influencers stressed on the fact that in spite being health enthusiasts, this year they chose to eat more creating immense buzz with the representation of this conflict. The visually aesthetic content showed them indulging in their favourite delicacies with a one of a kind resolution for 2019.

The brand leveraged this buzz on their social media handles, not only reposting the content but keeping the audience glued with teasers of what’s in store.

Further, Sugarlite roped in celebrity couple, Kareena – Saif; Kareena being known for being a fitness freak, the brand showed an image of her feeding sweetmeats to hubby. Roping in the duo adds the celebrity factor and enhanced the buzz around #AadheMeinZyaada.

The Launch Phase

With consumers now hooked, awaiting what comes next, the brand rolled out the launch phase with influencers explaining their unique New Year resolution. In this phase, influencers posted their favourite sweet treat recipes and how they can now indulge in it guilt free thanks to Sugarlite.

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#RecipeVideo Moong Dal Halwa Happy New Year Everyone.. As our new year resolution is to eat not adha but zyaada.. #AadheMeinZyaada . So, we bring you this yummy Moong daal Halwa made with Sugarlite(@sugarliteindia ) Where 1 teaspoon of Sugarlite is 100% Sweet and has 50% less calories than regular sugar.. So we just had our favorite halwa with 50% Less calories.. So do give it a try and share your pictures with us. . Don't forget to get urself a box of Sugarlite and eat Zaydaa not adha.. Video by @dillifoodies #DilliFoodies #moongdalhalwa #Halwa #moongdal #easyrecipes #Quickrecipe #homecooking #homecooked #homemade . Ingredients: 1 cup Yellow Moong Dal 2 Table spoon Suji 1 cup Ghee 400 ml Milk 2 Cup of water 1/2 cup of Sugarlite or 1 Cup regular sugar. 1 pinch Saffron 10-12 Almonds Chopped 10-12 Cashew Nuts Chopped Steps Firstly Dry roast a cup of washed and wiped moong dal in a pan. Once cooled, grind it to a coarse powder. Then take some ghee in a pan, add suji and the grounded dal powder. Roast it on low flame until the dal changes to golden brown colour. Now add kesar milk and mix well so that no lumps are formed. Then add some water and keep stirring continuously as the mixture will be quite sticky. Once all the water is absorbed add roasted dry fruits and mix well. Then add a cup of sugar and mix well. Here we are using Sugarlite so just half a cup is required. Just 1 spoon of Sugarlite is equal to 2 spoons of regular sugar. Let the halwa cook on low flame for 20-25 mins with constant stirring, until the ghee seperates at corners.

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The recipes attracted their audience with watch-worthy content with a subtle and well-imbibed brand connect.

The brand takes a strategic approach towards product launch, creating curiosity around what’s brewing through the right choice of influencers and engaging content.

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