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Who are we?

We are Das Writing Services PVT. LTD. , one of the fastest growing content writing firms in Eastern India. We have been in existence since 2012, and we have managed to work with some of the best names cutting across industries and sectors.

The primary reason you may not have heard of us before is that we believe in working behind the scenes, keeping a low profile, avoiding the spotlight. However, it is now our time to shine, and we are forging ahead in true carpe diem spirit.

We are guided by the able hands of our founder, Subhodip Das, a visionary in the field, who had the will and the strength of conviction to act on his instincts. As a team, we are probably one of the most friendly and easy-going ones that are currently extant. Encouraging and fostering a healthy competition while maintaining a great work-life balance is only two of the factors which make us tick.

What's in the name?

Das Writing Services private limited is a brainchild of our founder, and hence, it bears his surname. All links to the German word (Das Auto, Das Boot, you get the idea) are strictly coincidental and do not merit further consideration!

What do we do?

We are a diversified writing agency with the latest trends in SEO and SMM. Our primary advantage is our team, which is superbly talented and adept at writing on a wide gamut of topics. We have worked with governmental organizations, private insurance companies, leading car and service garages in the UK, and fashion companies.

We have separate teams that stick to some 30-odd services that exist among the broader umbrella of content writing. Strategizing content, ghostwriting, penning essays for Ivy League university admissions, drafting manuals for highly sophisticated and technologically challenging projects are some of the things we work on every day.

To cut to the chase, we are a team that delivers SEO-optimized content that varies as per the client’s requirements. It is rather difficult to compile what we do succinctly. But we always strive better to add that special ingredient which makes good content great.

Why we do it?

Simple: because we believe in what we do. We recognize the power of online media and the advantages of superior content. We strive to do things our way, one that is easy to identify with. Our founder, Das, was always curious about the gap that was present in the online content writing and marketing industries.

We simply market the gap. Frankly, we would have gladly done what we do for free, but hey, getting paid for it is even better. It also makes us more responsible for what we do.

How we evolve?

When we were starting, there were very few proper content writing firms in India and the world at large. We learnt by experience, much of which was earned the hard way. We try and evolve by growing in sync with market trends and the latest protocols. ‘Adapt to survive’ is our speciality and motto.

Social responsibility in social media

‘Honesty’ is our primary defining trait when it comes to social media. Since social media is something that is indicative of an organisation’s ideals, we maintain a disciplined approach to what we post or do not post. For instance, we will not, as a principle, work for a tobacco-manufacturing firm knowingly.

We also believe in transparency. What you see is who we are.

Need of the hour

We have deciphered that self-censorship is the one thing that most contemporary firms need. News over the deafening noise is our aim, and we try and do things the clutter-free way. We also encourage our clients to be responsible in the way they handle social media. It can be a two-edged sword at times, and one mistake is one too many.

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We learned the hard way

Our journey, if projected on a graph, will look a lot like an ECG chart. We have had our fair share of ups and downs, but we learned a lot. Two of the things that we learned the really hard way are:

That while content may be king; it is rather hard to be a kingmaker. Professionalism, integrity, the grip of the language and imagination must come together seamlessly to craft effective prose.

Keeping up with the latest trends is as important as wordplay. We have learned that while the latest search patterns, SEO trends and changes in search algorithms may vary, consistency is the real key.

Did we just share that?

There are so many, but we do not intend to embarrass ourselves! But we have had several old-school CEOs and CFOs who do not appreciate our way of working on social media. To them, social media management is nothing but a giant circus!

On this point, there is one interesting anecdote that we would like to share here. The legendary actor Cary Grant once had to face an interviewer who burst out in glee and said how “Everyone would like to be like Cary Grant.” The actor replied, “And so would I!”

So, you see, even the best of the best have bad days. Sometimes, so do we.

They work with us

Our clients include Bajaj Finserv, The Blue IT Services, Get Friday, Sicily Boat Rentals etc.

Industry as we foresee

The industry is set to experience a sea change given the rapid developments in Internet connectivity speeds, the advent of VoLTE and 4G ( and 5G in some countries), the mass proliferation of smartphones, and more people going online to collate data.

It is true that no one can precisely foresee how technology will affect industry, but, with experience and foresight, we can make a few guesses.

That day is not far when

More companies realise that spending on social media is not merely a matter of better ROI upon investment. It is brand building. SEO, as we know it, will change once more users embrace devices that are IoT-enabled and have built-in AI. The changes in SEO and SMM will be in real-time, and firms will have to adapt accordingly.

More people will search using their voices, ditching their browsers and their devices.

Quality will eventually trump quality. This is nothing but Darwinian evolution at work.

A day without Internet

Both a blessing and a curse. A blessing because it would help us catch up on our reading. At Das Writing Services PVT. LTD., we believe that to be a good writer, extensive reading is necessary. We have books and magazines at our disposal which we use on days when the Wi-Fi starts acting up. You’d be surprised how many ideas crawl through your head when you pick up the latest volume of National Geographic or Nature magazine.

The flip side? No work gets done!

Lastly, are you hiring?

Indeed, we are. Our organisation is always on the lookout to onboard people who are exceptionally talented, and who can paint pictures with their words. If you are interested in joining us, visit our website for more details.

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