Britain security firm states Twitter accounts still not safe

Paawan Sunam
New Update

Twitter earlier claimed to fix the bug but several celebrities' and journalists' accounts are affected in recent days or weeks, hacked by Britain-based security firm named Insinia Security who say that the loophole still exists.

Louis Theroux, British documentary filmmaker, journalist and broadcaster being the most prominent one among whose accounts have been hacked, others being Eamonn Holmes, Simon Calder, Saira Khan, and more.


Insinia Security, used fake SMS verification to make it appear that the accounts belonged to them. Twitter took steps to prevent automated creation of new accounts and raise the level of security by requesting users to confirm accounts using e-mail address or phone number. However, old accounts remain unconfirmed.


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“This issue has been around for a while but no one really knew and took advantage of it,” said WauchulaGhost, a hacker and security researcher to TechCrunch.

Such a flaw exposes Twitter to being prey of organised crime groups, outlaws, hacker groups, terrorist groups, and others who would want to abuse the capabilities of a social media platform to suffice ulterior motives.

Insinia Security, briefly hijacked the high-profile accounts to expose the platform's flaws and they suggest that users remove their phone numbers until the bug is fixed.

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