Facebook Camera's selfie mode, Stickers, and more are being redesigned

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Facebook Update - Facebook Camera's Selfie Mode will be transforming to Selfie Efects, being available to the other modes like Boomerang and Facebook Camera Stickers are being redesigned too.

Formerly, the Selfie Mode worked like portrait mode, of any phone's camera. Selfie mode added extra glow to the subject and blurred the background. Now, it is being transformed to an effect will make it available to other modes of the Facebook camera as an added layer of effect.

Facebook Camera Stickers are also being redesigned, and have a new look. They may have been redesigned to boost the use of Facebook's Camera and Stories.

Previously, Facebook added Boomerang, new fonts, color backgrounds, camera modes like Normal, Selfie, Video & Text along with AR filters, holiday-themed stickers, masks, and features.

Facebook is altering itself to become more Camera-friendly, with it's increasing popularity and the photo-sharing habits of users.

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Also, Workplace by Facebook's Chat is being redesigned and their new color palette has surfaced. Workplace by Facebook also recently changed their domain to, following Facebook's long list of breaches and security controversies.

All three updates were first reported by Jane Wong.

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