How to track the colors of your Instagram photos 2018 with Year Of Colour app

Paawan Sunam
New Update

Instagram photos from your timeline can be compiled in a frame as colored dots. The Year Of Colour app morphs your events and moments on Instagram to colored dots and makes it look like an abstract painting.

To create your colored frame, go to their website, login with your Instagram account, pick a period, the app would collate your most liked posts. Based on how much a color doiminates in an image and how many of your followers like it, the app condenses each image to six to nine colors and creates a pattern of dots. The Verge quoted Stef Lewandowski, the builder of the app, stating, “It’s a combination of attention and content”.

You can only create your own profile's selection. You cannot create a color palette of anyone else's account due to privacy and security reasons.

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With the help of few sliders and dials that let you modify how the image looks, like limiting the number of dots, filtering out dull colors, pull brightest dots to the center, orgnaize them chronologically - January in the center, December at the edges.

If you press the playthrough button, you'd see a slideshow of how your moments colors changed across the year. “It’s not just the colors that come through. It’s the memories of what those colors mean”, said Lewandowski.

You may have shared the best 9 photos from your Instagram timeline, now you can also share the colors that represent your memories of 2018.

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