Reliance SMART’s #NayiShuruaat is all about new beginnings

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Reliance SMART’s #NayiShuruaat is all about new beginnings

New Year New Me means nothing if we don’t mend broken hearts and relationships. Capturing the essence of making new beginnings with your loved ones, Reliance SMART shares a heartwarming message with #NayiShuruaat.

Featuring legendary Bollywood actor and perhaps one of the most talented comedians, Asrani, the crisp video is a narrative of twins brothers separated due to a rift created 50 years ago!

In the backdrop of a family ushering in the new year, Asrani is seen rather upset about an incident between him and his brother. The brothers haven't spoken since the twin ended up marrying his brother's sweetheart Saraswati, 50 years ago. His family urges him to move past the incident and move towards a new beginning.

After much hesitation, Asrani, with his family visits his twin brother and wife who welcome them with open arms. A funny banter and tears of happiness mark the beginning of a new journey.

“Neighborhood Supermarket brands like Reliance Fresh & SMART are part of the daily lives of our customers and their small joys & celebrations. Occasions like New Year, that cut across geographies & religions, give us an opportunity to transcend transaction-led communication & build an emotional connect with customers. And we believe that with its message of- 'forgive & forget, it's never too late to move on & make a Nayi Shuruaat' - this film will find universal appeal & resonate with people,” shared Lalatendu Panda, CMO, Reliance Retail Value Format(Reliance Fresh and Reliance SMART).


The campaign managed to create a resounding impact with #NayiShuruaat trending on Twitter. Within two days of release, the campaign video garnered over 9 Million+ views across YouTube, Facebook, and other platforms, creating a positive sentiment and engagement through in the comments section.


The video not only shares the message of cherishing family bonds, but also urges viewers to take the first step and make amends, for life has no meaning without loved ones. With a subtle yet effective brand connect, #NayiShuruaat shares an interesting take on new beginnings.

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