Twitter destroys Gillette's #TheBestManCanBe

It took about 48 hours for the Twitterverse to destroy Gillette's idea of a modern man, #TheBestManCanBe. Here's everything you need to know about it all

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It took about 48 hours for the Twitterverse to destroy Gillette's idea of a modern man in the new ad campaign, #TheBestManCanBe. Here's everything you need to know about today's trending issue

The new advertisement video by Gillette not only attacks the idea of masculinity witnessed by people at large but also propagated by them over the years. It begins with a bunch of kids breaking through a screen where a man is being kissed on the cheeks, a glimpse of an old advertisement by the brand. It further goes on to discuss issues like sexual harassment and how men need to hold their peers accountable.

The advertisement has almost 19 million views on Twitter and over 10 million on YouTube. What's interesting is that while the video has been liked by about 227K people, it has been disliked by an overwhelming 593K Youtube users! On Twitter as well, the idea has been figuratively destroyed by people, who are threatening to boycott the brand for painting all men with the same brush.

The advertisement comes in the wake of the #MeToo movement where women across the globe had come forward to share their experiences of being sexually harassed in various walks of life. It brought about a sense of awakening for people at large to acknowledge the toxic roots of such incidents, at least in the world of social media. Now, weeks later, Twitter seems to be stuck in limbo.

Feelings were surely hurt, with some users sharing their memories of being judged harshly because of their gender.

However, there are plenty of people taking the brand's side for a refreshing take on masculinity, supporting the campaign wholeheartedly.

Some even called out the double standards at play.

In conclusion, giving too much importance to a brand's advertisement campaign is probably too much work.

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