5 global railway safety campaigns every #MumbaiLocal commuter must watch!

Railway Safety Campaigns

It’s better to let Raj go than run to board a moving train — a survival lesson for every Mumbaikar to ever take a Mumbai Local. Let’s find out how railway safety messages are put across globally

No one can possibly deny that the current railway infrastructure in Mumbai is not at par to the expansion of the population and their needs. However, when Government Railway Police statistics show that over 1600 people died last year while crossing tracks, there is a huge gap that needs to be filled — by regular commuters in their everyday travels and by the authorities in creating awareness. Here we bring you some global campaigns that have put forth similar railway safety concerns beautifully as well as effectively.

Lessons from Australia

Your safety is more often than not in your own hands, don’t be dumb.

Stop, says Belarus

Unmanned crossings are a grave concern but vigilance can surely help!

Safety first, the TrackSAFE way

‘When rushing means crushing, I’d rather be late’ — Do we say more?

No distractions, instructs Network Rail

Trespassing, or crossing tracks, is a punishable offence and for good measure!

Pay heed to Melvin!

A personification of dark humour: Melvin sure knows the perils of being unsafe on the rail.

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