What happened when Burger King liked tweets from eight years ago!

Burger King Influencer Marketing

Burger King pulled of an Influencer Marketing campaign without the influencers even realizing. Ethical? Well, that’s debatable, but it certainly is genius and in agreement with this was one of the influencers, Casey Neistat.

For the unacquainted, Burger King went ahead and liked tweets done by a handful influencers back in 2010. Perplexed, many of them tweeted screenshots of the same, questioning Burger King’s motive of liking tweets from eight years ago.

The brand soon cleared the air; it was all a big marketing coup as Burger King is all set to bring back their Funnel Fries, which was discontinued in 2010. Like we said genius!

Online publication houses were soon talking about Burger King’s initiative, many lauding the brand, many siding with the influencers.

Casey Neistat, one of the influencers who shared the screenshot of Burger King liking the notification took it a step ahead by making a video, lauding Burger King for their smart social media play, but also, pointing out the fatal flaws of the initiative. For instance, Neistat, a health freak, isn’t comfortable endorsing a junk food fan. Further, the tweet got massive impressions, something the influencers should be paid for.

All said and done, Neistat (like us) was awed by their smart marketing and offered to make something good out of it, urging Burger King to call him and contribute to the charities he supports.

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The video was created as a joke in Neistat’s opinion, soon went viral, with Burger King attracting flak. The joke however, was taken seriously by Burger King, with the brand CMO, Fernando Machado, himself calling Neistat and committing USD 25,000 to both the charities supported by him.

Neistat created a second video sharing this update and needless to say the second video too received over 2 million views on YouTube.

Be it their fiercely punny take on McDonald’s to evolving logos, Burger King has been jaw-dropping-ly bold in their marketing strategy over the years. In influencer marketing too, the brand managed to find a hack (if we can call it that) and backed their work with counter steps too.

Well, this is a good beginning for the marketing world globally.