Shalimar Paints initiates Rang Badlav Ke campaign to make a difference

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Shalimar Paints Campaign

Shalimar Paints in association with Kailash Satyarthi Children’s Foundation initiated their campaign Rang Badlav Ke – Paint the Change!

With over 1600 volunteers, students from 80 academic institutions, employees from 30 corporates and diplomats from 20 countries. Together they painted 3000+ walls and 700 murals on the houses of an urban slum community situated in the heart of Chanakyapuri, this is amongst the poshest areas in the Delhi/NCR region.
Sanjay Camp was in dire need of beautification and a dash of color. The participants transformed the walls of Sanjay Camp into a vivid canvas that showcased graffiti of Indian culture and tradition.


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This vibrant transformation was heralded by the youth, who enthusiastically joined in to ‘Paint the Change’ at the long-standing slum that has been home to numerous families for several generations. Hundreds of young and energetic volunteers, artists, writers, and photographers turned up to paint, beautify, photograph, and tell stories about the Sanjay Camp slum community as part of a two-part social initiative, ‘Rang Badlav Ke – Paint the Change’, by Shalimar Paints.
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