Twitter bans third-party apps violating their API rules

Paawan Sunam
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Twitter banned these three apps - ManageFlitter, Statusbrew, Crowdfire for repeatedly violating their API rules.

A Twitter spokesperson stated to TechCrunch that, “We have suspended these three apps for having repeatedly violated our API rules related to aggressive following & follow churn. As a part of our commitment to building a healthy service, we remain focused on rapidly curbing spam and abuse originating from use of Twitter’s APIs.”

ManageFiltter for $12 to $49 per month, sold a feature to rapidly follow relevant people to gain new followers. Crowdfire charged $75 per month to offer auto-DM feature(banned by Twitter) to generate follow notifications. Statusbrew, offered a feature to unfollow people who don't follow back for $25 to $416 per month.

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Spam is increasing at an alarming rate. Users paying to gain engagement on the platform damage it's authencity. The banned apps will no longer be able to follow or unfollow people or take any other actions.

Aggressive following (in the hopes of reciprocation) is a violation of the rules. Spam followers, illegitmate engagement and more of such activities make an account look more influential even if it's not and increases automated activities and makes the platform less human.

Fake engagement is meaningless and the whole purpose of the platform dies when conversations engaged in are not genuine.

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