Twitter is testing 5 new features on iOS

Twitter New Features

Twitter is testing a string of new features like improved night mode, react with GIF, end-to-end encryption and more on iOS.

Twitter is testing an improved night mode which is darker in it’s color scheme as it’s black instead of dark blue. There is also an automated version of the feature being tested which works as automatic night mode i.e. it would automatically turn on at sunset and turn off at sunrise.

Twitter had recently been working on end-to-end encryption, which was paused for reasons unknown, seems like the feature is not out yet but can be anticipated.

The platform is simplifying replying with GIFs, as a “react with GIF” option was spotted for retweets.

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News, Friends, and Highlights were the three new additions seen in Twitter’s Side Menu. News may be a feature relative to the platform recently testing a feature on Android, showing a prompt of news tweets in the morning that you might have missed out on while you were away from the app. Friends may show the list of people who follow you and who you’ve followed back. Not much information is available on Highlights.

New tweaks like ‘drag and drop’ feature is also being tested could be used for quoting tweets or message it to someone via DM.

The new features being tested may or may not be rolled out permanently depending on how the tests go. Jack Dorsey, recently also stated they are contemplating an option to edit a tweet.