Bournvita banks on exam pressure with #LookBeyondMarks

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Bournvita in their advert, The Exam Collection, spoke to adults in an atmosphere where exams were farthest from their minds, but choices were of utmost priority.

Taking forward the thought of ‘Look Beyond Marks’, Bournvita wanted to take a progressive parenting stance and put across the message that marks alone don’t define the future of kids.

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Commenting on the film, Inderpreet Singh, Associate Director – Marketing (Gum, Candy & Beverages), Mondelez India said, For the last 70 years Bournvita has been building the health of children and helping them realise their potential. Unfortunately, a large part of our society uses marks as the only marker of measuring a child’s potential. Through this campaign, we want to remind parents that every kid is special and that our job as parents is to recognize their talent and provide them the necessary nutrition and life skills to excel.

Akshay Seth, Group Creative Director, Ogilvy Mumbai: Last year, the Look Beyond Marks ‘Exam Sale’ campaign touched a chord with parents, principals, celebrities across the globe. This year, we wanted the message and the execution to hold its own while still nudging the society to reorient its obsession with marks. With ‘The Exam Collection’ campaign, we shift the focus to something every child deserves, a choice for their future.

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