#BoycottHindustanUnilever trends against HUL’s Red Label #ApnoKoApnao Campaign

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Hindustan Unilever’s Red Label released their campaign for Kumbh Mela with the hashtag #ApnoKoApnao. The video was posted on Twitter with the message “Red Label encourages us to hold the hands of those who made us who we are." The campaign video has since sparked a controversy and #BoycottHindustanUnilever is trending on Twitter.

Kumbh Mela is a Hindu Pilgrimage held every 3 years with an estimated footfall of 120 million. Many brands have often created campaigns around this mass attraction of India to garner attention for their product due to the popularity of this sacred event. Hindustan Unilever's Brookebond Red Label too banked upon the occasion and created a campaign touching a sensitive topic related to old age. The video has received ubiquitous flak on Twitter.

Watch the TVC below :


Hindustan Unilever has now deleted their old tweet which quoted  "Kumbh Mela is a place where old people get abandoned, isn't it sad that we do not care for our elders?#RedLabel encourages us to hold the hands of those who made us who we are. Watch the heartwarming video; an eye opener to a harsh reality #FatherSon #Bond #Oldage."

They have now re-posted the video with a revised message

This campaign has hit the wrong foot with people and have uprooted a widespread backlashing on Twitter. The hashtag #BoycottHindustandUnilever has since been trending on Twitter. Netizens have called out Hindustan Unilever for promoting the notion that Hindus leave behind their old-age parents at Kumbh Mela. They have termed this ad insensitive and tone deaf.

Baba Ramdev has taken this occasion to promote the use of Patanjali, a homegrown brand of India

Netizens to have aligned with his philosophy

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Whereas a few Twitterati have spoken in support of Hindustan Unilever

Hindustan Unilever has maintained silence on this issue and no tweets have been made since.

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