DDB introduces a new visual identity


DDB has introduced a new visual identity that captures the essence of who it is as an agency and is an outward symbol of it’s thinking, work and it’s people.

The evolution of DDB’s visual identity is a timeless and timely update for one of advertising’s most enduring and celebrated brands. The new mark celebrates DDB’s heritage and legacy, reflects the contemporary thinking and work that the agency is known for today, positioning it for the exciting future it intends to claim.

Using the agency’s full name, Doyle Dane Bernbach, within the mark, was a deliberate decision. As other agencies are commoditizing their agency names and turning away from their founding principles and visions, DDB is doubling down on the values that Doyle Dane and Bernbach founded the agency on – creativity and humanity. To this day, Bill Bernbach remains one of the most creative and impactful people ever to work in the advertising industry. His thinking, his ideas, and his words color the agency’s presentations, halls and most importantly, the work that DDB produces.

Highlighting the creativity and interconnectivity of the worldwide DDB team, the evolved logo was created internally by the DDB North America design team — serving as a great example of the agency’s design capabilities.

Quoting on the new visual identity, Wendy Clark, CEO, DDB Worldwide said, “Great brands have a foot in their past and a foot in the future. This visual identity perfectly captures our heritage and legacy, the contemporary thinking and work we’re known for now, and positions us for the future we intend to claim.” 

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Ari Weiss, Chief Creative Officer, DDB North America quoted, “Bernbach was the founder of the creative revolution and this mark puts creativity right back at the center of our organization. As many other global networks are doubling down on technology and efficiency we wanted to double down on humanity and creativity.”

Barry Quinn, Chief Design Officer, DDB North America added, “Our new visual identity is contemporary and strategically designed for today’s needs. But it purposely retains a strong link to our visual history. It’s much more than a symbol, it’s a canvas for the creativity of the network. We can’t wait to see how that evolves over time.”