#FestiveSpot: Holi Campaigns painting the town laal

Holi campaigns

India’s streets are about to be coloured vibgyor and so are the feeds of the digital world with these brands’ Holi campaigns 2019.

Budweiser, Brand Factory, and more are here to paint the town laal with their adverts. Holi campaigns 2019, along with incorporating the iconic Holi traits, were also subjected to notable changes in the Indian society that we saw recently. Like, Blued’s campaign being weaved around the decriminalization of Section 377.

Ad Spends on festivals has always been high, as the season heavily contributes to any brands’ annual sales. Advertising Investment in India is estimated to reach Rs. 80,678 crores in 2019, which means a 14% growth in ad spends in India, according to The Drum.

With a huge chunk of the Indian audience being digitally connected, much of the ad spends would also be ushered into the digital scope. Digital Advertising is estimated to grow at 31.96 per cent CAGR and extend to Rs 24,920 crore. These soaring numbers may also play a helping hand in producing remarkable adverts. Starting off, with 26th January, Mother’s Day and now Holi.

The emotional connect of this festival is dipped in the colours of these ads and they are here to eliminate the shades of grey from your life. Glance through.

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Brand Factory – #BuraNaManoDiscountHai

Budweiser – We’re All Kings

Surf Excel – #RangLaayeSang

Frooti ft. Alia Bhatt & Varun Dhawan

Blued – Blued Holi Gay Party


Mumbai Metro

Aashirvaad Atta

Holi ke rang hai anek, lekin utsaah ek…Jaise praant praant ke log hai anek, lekin Aashirvaad bas ek #HappyHoli

Posted by Aashirvaad on Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Manforce Condoms

Maxxis Tyres India


Mankind Pharma


Audi India

Tic Tac India

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