Httpool and IMS launch FREE Learning Platform

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Httpool rolled out its education platform to certify all media planners and marketing executives to further understand all of Httpool/IMS’s products through smart and easy-to-navigate online modules.

Httpool seeks to provide FREE access to all those interested in incorporating new skills and abilities in the area of Digital Marketing. The program offers learning modules on all of Httpool platforms including Twitter, Spotify, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Outbrain, Oath, TripAdvisor, among others.


Httpool platforms have become mainstream tools used by the entire connected population. These platforms are renowned for the user experience but many executives lack knowledge of the potential they offer for brands. For this reason, the company offers certifications through dynamic animations, portray functionalities of these platforms, its audience demographics, and shares best practices through real case studies.

The recently launched program is focused on the benefits and advantages of the most relevant digital native advertising platforms and  is constantly updated with new learning modules, case studies and any other content that will help users have a better understanding of how to advertise on these mobile ad platforms.  Httpool Education is an effective tool for all executives who desire to stay up to date on the latest approaches to efficiently reach their target audiences.

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"After successfully launching the program in other regions, we are bringing this program to the markets we operate, trusting we could help with our industry growth. We are proud believers that education is the key for our industry’s success and development” commented Aljosa Jenko, CEO of Httpool.

This program was originally launched in Latin America by Httpool’s partner, IMS. As of today, the program has helped in educating more than 12,000 executives in the region on all IMS advertising platforms.


“At httpool we have a strong commitment in educating all emerging markets on the best native advertising platforms. Therefore, through this program, we seek to offer a space of reference for all of those who want to stay updated on these platforms and understand how brands have taken advantage of them, to eventually use them for future communication purposes” added Amit Gupta, Managing Partner, Httpool India.

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