This April Fools’ Day, #FutureKaFan campaign by Atomberg Technologies tickles the funny bone with a lot of quirk and humour

Atomberg Technologies

April Fool’s Day is a great opportunity for brands to engage with their audience and share a good laugh with them. Keeping this in mind, Atomberg Technologies, launched an AI enabled Atomic Fan- a major breakthrough in the world of nanotechnology with its campaign #FutureKaFan.

These high-tech fans can easily be fitted inside the human brain and can be activated by a simple tap on the head. The idea is to not only cool the brain from the inside but also provide anytime air. The fan’s additional features include anger management and zero-electricity consumption.

These days, stress and fatigue are by-products of our modern urban lifestyle which is leading to problems such as sleeplessness and short temper. People are flaring up over the smallest of incidents, examples of which are visible on the roads, in offices and our homes everyday.  There was a need to create a device which would cool down these overheated brains from the inside, therefore, providing instant on-the-go cooling. This is the problem addressed by Atomberg Technologies this April Fool’s, wherein they use this real-life messaging to play a prank on their consumers by launching this high-tech atomic nanotechnology fan.

The campaign #FutureKaFan has been conceptualised by BoringBrands, a new age communications agency. It constitutes a video which showcases the difficulty that people face in everyday situations to control their anger, and how instantly they lose their cool even in the most minuscule of situations. Furthermore, the video has the Co-Founder and COO of Atomberg Technologies, Sibabrata Das discussing the new product and how it is a revolution in the world of consumer durables.

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“Round the year, all brands are focused on creating engagement with their consumers over serious announcements or issues. April Fools is the only day when we can take the liberty to introduce some fun and humour into our brand communication, and that is exactly the brief that we gave to our agency for the #FutureKaFan campaign. We wanted to pick up a narrative defining slice-of-life situation and create a satire or spoof around them. Extremely excited at the appreciation we received, looking forward to engaging in more of such interesting brand campaigns for our consumers,” added Sibabrata Das, Co-Founder and COO of Atomberg Technologies.

Aakriti Bhargava, Co-Founder and CEO, BoringBrands said, “We are happy to have worked with Atomberg Technologies on this campaign, they have always given us the space to push the envelope in terms of bringing in edginess and quirk in all brand communication. The brief was to relate to everyday situations of consumers, and create a spoof around the same. As we do not reveal the prank, the video manages to maintain a level of curiosity and confusion amongst viewers, therefore helping us in creating buzz and sustain conversations on socials.”

The campaign went live on March 29, 2019, and was targeted at consumers who are looking for advanced technology in ceiling fans. The same day the campaign was trending on Twitter on the fourth, third and second position for a stretch. The engagement has been promising with various consumers participating in the contest, comments, shares and likes across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.