Brand Idea gets popular Celebrities to mobilise ‘Live Tribe’ of Millions of Netizens to bring about a behavioural change in India

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As part of its ongoing Idea 4G #IndiaKaLiveNetwork campaign, Brand Idea roped in popular TV and Internet celebrities – Rannvijay Singha, Karanvir Bora and Varun Pruthi – to Captain its ‘Live Tribe’ campaign, earlier this month.

Using the power of Live video on Idea 4G, the brand has successfully demonstrated that technology can be effectively used to bring about a positive change in the behavior of citizens.

Videos of engagement with their Fans, where each of the 3 celebrities promoted the idea of using Live video to capture irresponsible behavior of people in public with the objective of bringing about a positive change among Indians, have generated over 7.5 million views on Facebook and YouTube. As Captains of the Live tribe these celebrities went live on Instagram and Facebook to spread awareness on a range of issues that are close to their heart.

Rannvijay inspired the youth to drive safely and behave responsibly on roads. Being concerned about road safety having seen incidents of people triple riding, not using helmets, talking on the phone while driving and not following traffic rules, Rannvijay said, “Ab baato se baat nahi benegi, action Live lena padhega”. To spread awareness on this issue, he went live on Idea 4G to speak to his fans and encouraged people to capture ‘Live video’ of their fellow citizens who do not follow traffic rules or behave irresponsibly and put lives at risk. Watch the video here.

Karanvir Bohra, the Big Boss contestant, has often raised concern on various environment issues. The actor, producer and designer chose to talk to his fans about the use of plastic bags and how it is eroding our beaches and aquatic life, through his Live session on Idea 4G India ka Live Network. In his video which has already got over a million views, he is seen urging fans to go ‘live’ on social media to highlight their irresponsible acts of polluting the environment, and shares how this will get people to change their behaviour.

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Similarly, Varun Pruthi, an actor, social activist and a motivational speaker, who has been in the limelight for his social cause ‘Bring Humanity Back’, joined Idea 4G ‘Live Tribe’ as ‘Captain’, to raise concern about bullying, double parking and wastage of water. In his recorded video, Varun is seen intervening in incidents of bullying in a park, wrong car parking and wastage of water in car washing. When these people refuse to correct their action despite being pointed by Varun, he tells them that they are on camera and being seen live on social media. He notices an immediate behaviour change in these people, once again highlighting the power of Live video to bring about a societal change. His video has over 5.5 million views on Facebook and YouTube in less than a week. Watch it " target="_blank">here.

The latest internet celebrity to join the campaign is Mallika Dua – a renowned comedian and social media influencer, albeit in a different avatar! In a unique engagement activity in the digital rich-media space, Mallika Dua’s AI Avatar Video-bot went live across the digital platform. The voice-enabled, video chat was designed to facilitate live-like video conversations in Mallika’s fun and engaging way of interacting with audiences to pass on the Idea 4G campaign message. The user could ask Mallika anything about the power of live video or several general questions that a fan would ask a celebrity and get an answer in real time. The experience was designed to be seamless and resemble a live video call with the user's own face also seen on the screen.

This AI Avatar of Mallika Dua promoting Idea 4G Live Network campaign, reached out to viewers across a host of websites via an online publisher. The campaign touched nearly 7.2 million users across the nation, recording an average time spent of 22 seconds per user with several users spending over 10 minutes interacting with the ad.

Idea 4G has been extensively promoting its ‘Live Network’ campaign in the mass media space with its transformation led TV commercials, innovative OOH advertising and social media amplifications. The initiative focused on shifting the behaviour of people from ‘Kaun Dekh Raha Hai’ to ‘Ab India Dekh Raha Hai LIVE .'

According to Sunita Bangard, National Brand Head – Idea, Vodafone Idea Ltd. “Over the years, brand Idea has built a strong reputation for creating purposeful, conscientious campaigns that encourage change for the betterment of society. The Idea 4G #IndiaKaLiveNetwork campaign highlighted the power of streaming LIVE videos over Idea’s robust 4G network thereby driving a positive change in behaviour among citizens. By partnering celebrities and mobilising a 'Live Tribe' of people on social media, Brand Idea has truly demonstrated how the change can be brought about with the power of 4G.”

To enhance people’s experience while posting live videos, brand Idea also created a Facebook Frame which users can use when they go live to capture wrong behavior. There is a Facebook Cover Video which showcases behaviour change when captured live and series of GIF posts which asks users to pause the creative at the exact moment when the person’s behaviour changes. Idea has also used Instagram stories to amplify the campaign. The posts can be viewed on Idea timeline on Facebook and Instagram.

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