Case Study: How Mother Sparsh aced the social media game with #FirstTimeMom

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Mother Sparsh

Category Introduction

Retail: Organic Baby care products

Indian baby care retail market is going to close around $30bn in FY2019, where organic products like wipes, shampoo, soaps, powder, lotion etc have a share of $35mn. The baby wipes market or wet wipes market in India stands at $256mn, for last couple of years there have been new entrants who have entered the market with organic and eco-friendly offerings in this segment and have captured around 5-7% of the wipes market. The eco-friendly and organic wipes are well received by the masses and are growing at a CAGR of 13-15%. This implies that, out of $35mn, organic wipes enjoy at least 40% of market share in the organic baby care category. 

Brand Introduction

Mother Sparsh was created keeping in mind both the well-being of babies and the environment. Mother Sparsh baby wipes are India’s first eco-friendly water-based wipes which are made of natural plant-based fabric and contains purified water.

What does the brand do? Marketing objective from Social Media

The brand is into providing organic and eco-friendly baby care products which are good for both babies and the mother earth. As these products are very niche in nature and the target audience is mostly upwardly mobile with access and inclination to acquire knowledge about what they are consuming. Hence, social media is the best way forward to engage these individuals to celebrate with them the joys of being a mother for the first time.


The campaign fetched eyeballs over 3 millions where social media influencers were engaged to celebrate the joy of motherhood. Basic information was shared on baby care methods to help them ease into the new role. The 6-month campaign was lapped up by Firstcry to be the partners for the same and around 20 winners were chosen to share Mother Sparsh goodies and Amazon Gift vouchers. During the whole tenure of the campaign mothers from various strata of the society shared their video’s on being a first-time mom.

Problem Statement/Objective

As a brand, we were trying to establish the fact that newborns need the best care in terms of products that are there for them in the market. The first time mothers rely on word of mouth and experience of others in their family or peer group to adopt these best practices & products and with technology integration the role of internet was getting more and more prevalent hence, to connect with these first time mothers and educate them about the best practices & products without them to look up to someone else. The idea was to establish that when it comes to baby care, organic products are the safest and Mother Sparsh is the brand to go to for the purchase of safest & gentlest wipes in the market.


To engage first-time moms in a series of social media messages about the best products and practices in the industry for Babycare.

Creative Idea

New product acceptance will come to those who are experiencing motherhood for the first time, new experiences bring nervousness which leads to curiosity to know more, so tapping on to the maternal instinct and serving them the right information was the idea which led to the formulation of this campaign.


The challenges were to share well researched authenticated content for the first time mothers as this is a very sensitive subject for the mothers. Besides that, there was no social media team involved in the campaign and it became a challenging task for the internal team to generate hype of this nature.


The team collaborated with FirstCry, Momspresso & Tinystep to promote the campaign which increases the reach by many folds. Over 100 influencer moms took part in the campaign to promote their experience of being a first-time mother.


The campaign was divided into 3 parts which went for 6 months and were overlapping throughout the duration of the campaign.

1. Sensitisation: Brand planned the outreach by sensitizing first-time mothers on the basics of being a mother. Best practices to adopt while taking care of babies like their feeding cycle, hygiene, exercise, etc. The goal was to strike a chord with the new mothers and brush their maternal instincts by promoting ayurvedic, organic baby care concepts.

2. Engagement: The participants were engaged on social media to share their experiences of being a first-time mother, their practices for their baby care regimen, their expectations, etc were gauged by this activity. The idea was to create a community of first-time mothers who can participate on a single platform and share their experience.

3. Promotion: The brand kept on promoting their products and its USP so the mother's can avail the benefits of best product in the market. This was done to create a brand positioning in the long term to enforce the messaging that Mother Sparsh is India's Wipes Brand.


Mother Sparsh was able to achieve eyeballs of over 3mn in a very niche category and it helped us to boost our sales by 10%

The whole experience was a satisfying one as first-time mothers took active participation in the campaign, so many testimonials, videos, contest entries just overwhelmed us.

The campaign lasted for nearly 6 months where 15-20 gifts were given to the winners in form of Amazon vouchers & Mother Sparsh goodie bags. Around 3 million people were mapped with this campaign. The campaign also resulted in 10% increase in sales figure for the brand which had just 2 products with them.C

"We wanted people to know about the best products and we achieved it. This campaign has given us a strong foothold in the memories of the young mothers and hope that the word of mouth will help us achieve the desired positioning of “India’s wipes brand” in the future" said Rishu Gandhi, Founder & Head Brand Strategy, MotherSparsh

We wanted people to know about the best products and we achieved it. This campaign has given us a strong foothold in the memories of the young mothers and hope that the word of mouth will help us achieve the desired positioning of “India’s wipes brand” in the future.

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