#BilkulMagikJaisa: Magik LED’s election campaign takes a quick-witted route

Magik LED

With the General Elections fervour gripping the country, what better time to connect with the audience while staying trendy, conversational, and humorous! Magik Lights aka Century LED decided to make the most of the same in #BilkulMagikJaisa campaign, but with a twist.

Taking a satirical tone, the ad video is set in the backdrop of a political party candidate campaigning pre-elections, urging janta to cast their precious vote to him. Soon, a media reporter enters the scene asking citizens about the qualities they expect from their leader and the people respond – someone who is ‘Bharosemand” (dependable), has “Nayi soch” (Innovative) and “Jeb ka rakhe khyal”(economic). To everyone’s surprise, an enlightened saint enters the scene and amounts all these qualities to Magik LED.

Magik LED, coming from the house of CenturyPly, takes great pride in its quality and service. The company designed the ‘Bilkul Magik Jaisa’ campaign to convey a powerful message. By aligning the key features of Magik LEDs with the qualities one expects in a Neta, #BilkulMagikJaisa builds on a script that reflects the reality of the society through a fun narration.

With the right amount of wit and humour, the campaign manages to connect with the common man. Within a week of its release, it has garnered a whopping 1.9 Mn views on social media and clocked 936K views on YouTube. Keeping the setting and communication simple, the campaign creates a long-lasting impact through power-packed messaging.