#GlobalSamosa: Palms Casino Resort presents Unstatus Quo and welcomes you to the New Vegas

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Palms Casino Resort's new star-studded advert is as lavish as the lifestyle of the prolific in Las Vegas ft. Cardi B, Emily Ratajkowski, Marshmello, Rita Ora, Ozuna, Adriana Lima and more.

The advert by the agency AKQA Portland for Palms Casino Resort is a glimpse of the untamed adventures you can experience at the resort listed in World's most expensive hotel suites by Vogue, CNN Go and High Snobiety.


The resort recently introduced Damien Hirst-designed Empathy Suite which costs $100,000 a night, taking the meaning of luxury living to a new level. And, with this advert they are taking the portrayal of luxury living to a new level.

Whether it's driving in circles around the bell boy in the lobby or reading a burning gossip magazine or skateboarding on the bar counter or using a wad of cash as a hand-fan while laying around more wads of cash or brushing your golden teeth with a golden toothbrush. The portrayal of what experiences you can buy at the Palms in Unstatus Quo is unregulated, unpretentious and undisputed.

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Unstatus Quo stands out in the crowd, as most ads from the hospitality sector are pretentious, focussing on how welcoming their employees are and how their guests can relax and have a "great" time, with a few visually luring shots of the view and that's all.

Instead, Unstatus Quo is unpretentious in showing what goes down in Vegas and what having a great time actually looks like. The squad of celebrities featured are the "cherries" on top.

Along with Cardi B, Emily Ratajkowski, Marshmello, Rita Ora, Ozuna and Adriana Lima the advert also features Dapper Dan, Ezra Miller, Leticia Bufoni, Ryan Sheckler, Jason REVOK, Felipe Pantone, Timothy Curtis, Chef Michael Symon and Ken Block.

The art featured in the video is by Damien Hirst, Andy Warhol, Dustin Yellin, Jason REVOK, Felipe Pantone, Olivia Steele, Gary Stranger and Joshua Vides.

The advert is directed by Sam Brown, the song featured is Unstatus Quo by Duckwrth and contains portions of Get On The Good Foot.

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