Saregama Carvaan releases a tear-jerker titled, Thank You

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Saregama Carvaan

Chrome Pictures released its advert for Saregama Carvaan. The ad attempts to emotionally connect with the viewers by showing the unspoken love between a son and a father.

The advert showcases a simple yet beautiful way to show gratitude to your loved ones.

The campaign is shown representing an Indian family that a lot of consumers would be able to relate to. The love that a father and son share and the bond that connects them cannot be expressed using mere words. Amit Sharma (Director, Producer, Co-Founder, Chrome Pictures) beautifully encapsulates the unspoken emotional bond between the two men. He showcases this great relationship with a simple ‘Thank You’ that leave the viewers feeling happy and moved.

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Amit Sharma says "A lot of Indians are not verbal about their feelings towards their parents especially towards fathers even though they love them. Small gestures that children express onto their parents are magical moments that fill their hearts with joy. Being appreciated by your child when not expecting is the best gift a parent can ever receive and as a father myself I can vouch for this. Therefore, when the Saregama Carvaan brief was narrated to me I was very moved by it and was extremely excited to take the project forward. I hope my latest creation for the Saregama Caravaan brings both parents and children closer.”

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