#TopicalSpot: Brands getting pulled in the Black Hole

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Blackhole Brand Creatives

Uber Eats, Durex, Camlin and more brands have been pulled in the black hole inclination to attract consumers and grip it's gravity.

Katie Bouman, Imaging Scientist used an algorithm to create the first images of a black hole. Soon the images were heavily being circulated across social media and other platforms.

Soon, as the brands caught a wind of this trend, they leaned in to incorporate it in their topical posts. The brand connect on these posts may seem "far-fetched". How many ways are there to connect a region of space-time having an intense inescapable gravitaional pull, with a brand, you ask?

Whether you're an online food delivery service or produce condoms, stationery, food products, air freshners, or are a production house or a TV channel, a blurred image of a celestial phenomenon can still be used for a topical post to grip an ongoing trend.

Find out yourself.

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Uber Eats India

Zomato India


Manforce Condoms

Camlin Official

Godrej aer

Dharma Productions

Cartoon Network

Durex South Africa

Dabur Odomos

Leonardo Olive Oil

Did we miss out on any #TopicalPost created on the first image of the black hole? Let us know in the comments below.

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