Weisman Worldwide Entertainment joins hands with Holosuit to bring AR/VR experience across entertainment industry globally

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Weisman Worldwide Entertainment, a Hollywood media & tech agency, joins hands with Holosuit to bring AR/VR experience across entertainment industry globally.

This collaborative partnership will enable the media and entertainment players to reap the benefits of cutting edge technology including AR, VR, AI, and ML. Now, with our formal partnership and reach with Weisman Worldwide Entertainment, we have added a strong incubator and representation in the Global Hollywood and Entertainment Community at large including Executives, Creatives and Production.  This key relationship speeds up the process of integration and awareness across the board for Holosuit.

Weisman Worldwide Entertainment is the conduit between high tech media firms and traditional entertainment companies, providing A-list talent and synergistic solutions for Holograms, Motion Pictures, Series, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality from packaging through distribution.

Cory Weisman, Founder & CEO at Weisman Worldwide Entertainment says that, “We at WWE, bridge the gap between the talent, traditional production houses, and technology elements to create opportunities for all in the ever-expanding entertainment technology convergence space. By joining hands with Holosuit and leveraging their expertise in cutting edge technology including AR/VR, we will architect and revamp one platform to cater the entertainment industry across the world with the 360 tech solutions”.  

Other than gaming & automobile, our expertise in AR/VR has been deeply engaged with the real life situations and catering the solutions to neuro-rehab, sports, healthcare, education skill development, factory training, disaster response, robot training, defense or industrial operation etc.

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We at Holosuit believe in providing our tech driven solutions across all the industry including media & entertainment now. This alliance with the industry leader, Weisman Worldwide Entertainment, will enable the reach of this robust technology across the entertainment space”, says Harsha Kikkeri CEO of Holosuit Pte Ltd.,

Holosuit acts as a bridge between the virtual & real world. It is a full-immersion sensor and feedback packed jumpsuit which allows you to point touch and feel 3D objects creating a 4D immersive  experience, which is being reported (by Forbes, NY) as game changing technology enabling whole new generation of mixed reality applications. It contains options for multiple embedded sensors and haptic feedback devices dispersed across both arms, legs, and all ten fingers combined with embedded buttons. It captures the user’s entire body’s movement data and uses haptic feedback to send information back to the user for scenarios including neuro-rehab, sports, healthcare, education, gaming, entertainment, skill development, automobile, factory training, disaster response, robot training, defense or industrial operation etc. It is compatible with Android, Windows, and iOS, HTC Vive, Oculus and similar AR/VR/MR platforms. It is a wireless platform and comes with an SDK which provides developers with infinite possibilities of creating real and virtual applications.

Cory Weisman has over 3 decades of executive level experience, relationships and a long record of success in this sector at the highest levels.

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