1702 Digital bags the 360° marketing mandate for SMAAASH Entertainment

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Smaaash, recently handed their global marketing mandate over to 1702 Digital for managing the brand’s promotions and 360° marketing solutions, ranging from mainline to digital.

SMAAASH is an entertainment centre that provides interactive social experience for family, friends and children alike.

Abhishek Agarwal, CMO, Smaaash, said, “In the space of VR and interactive entertainment, we are looking to grow as a brand that resonates with the young and adult audiences simultaneously. 1702’s approach is to drive consumer preference towards interactive entertainment businesses.

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1702 is passionate, agile, abreast and unlike a lot of other agencies I worked with, operationally streamlined. 1702 Digital is a heady mix of business builders, bankers and marketers all under one roof--makes them ideal partners for an exponentially growing company like Smaaash.”

Mihir Joshi, Co-Founder, 1702 Digital said, “Smaaash, as a brand is setting newer benchmarks in the interactive entertainment industry, is on the cusp of going mainstream in India. We have found the perfect partners in Smaaash who understand media, business strategy, brand communications, operational efficacies and the fleeting nature of advertising in today’s times.”

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