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are we?

Since many years, I have been working passionately as a one-man army. However, now Thanks Creation 9 has expanded and now we are a bunch of qualified and experienced digital marketers. Every person in the team knows what to do to connect the businessmen with their potential audiences.


in the name?

Our motto is ‘to serve people with the best we can do.’ We make sure to offer utmost satisfaction to each and every client. And in return when they appreciate work and ‘thank me,’ we like to ‘thank you’ for choosing me and giving the opportunity. Hence, ‘Thanks Creation9.’


we do?

As we all can see, the digital market is running the global world. For every minor and major task, every person looks over the internet to find solutions. We want every such person looking online for information to meet the right solution.

This requires an efficient team who understands SEO (search engine optimization), content marketing, web development, digital marketing, and lots more online marketing jargons – which we provide to the businesses. All these activities will help the business owners to meet their prospective audiences on the digital platform.


we do it?

Internet is connecting different parts of the world. However, in order to make this possible, the online platform requires experts on the field to help people connect. And so, we Thanks Creation9, are here with a positive approach to help small, medium, and large-scale businesses run successfully on the digital platform.


we evolve?


there is no day without challenges. Even in the online world, algorithms

change, techniques are upgraded, and the scope of development exceeds with

every passing day.

Our vision is to meet all such ends with the right resources, creative minds, and technology-driven approach. We make short term and long-term goals and see that we achieve them irrespective of the hindrances we face.

Determination, persistence, and only positive mind help us evolve.


of the hour

Yes, it is true that social networking platforms are ruling the global world. However, it is also a fact that there are no proper social networking laws. A story can become news in few seconds. I think it is our responsibility to see that only authentic news is spreading and not fake ones. It is the ultimate need of the hour to educate millions of online users with correct information and not with anything which is useless.

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learned the hard way

Absolutely yes! Going back to the initial phases, digital marketing was in its infancy stage. There were no set of rules of guidelines to be followed, and so we tried hands on everything and experimented with a lot of tactics. We tried, failed, tried again, and then learned. So, there was a lot of trial and error through which we learned various techniques of digital marketing.

Now that there are lots of educators, courses of digital marketing,

videos, blogs, articles through which the newbies can learn a lot. All I can

say is be innovative and passionate about your work, and you will surely climb

the ladder of success.


we just share that?

Oh, there are so many amazing incidents to cite, not funny though.  Let me share one such story.

So, there was, in fact 'is' one of my clients from Australia. Before

locking the deal, we had a pretty lengthy chat about work and stuff. We became

friendly while talking and landed over a bet. 

I told him that I'll give you one sample, and that can help you crack

the best deals.  He did not believe me.

Finally, the day had come when his deal was finalized and he transferred

the entire order to us saying, he thinks we are the right fit.

And that day was my birthday.  So,

it was double bonanza for me.

Still, we are good friends and colleagues.  So, happy clients are equal to happy me!


as we foresee

Believe it or not, Digital Marketing industry is revolutionizing. And Indian network is not anywhere behind. There is a lot of competition in the Indian social media industry, where every agency and company come up with new trends and new tactics to grab the attention of online users. Every day we come across a new social media challenge, a new trend, a new story – all of which pass on across borders within a matter of few seconds. So, if you want to join this arena, you have to be always on your toes.

As a digital marketer, I believe in ‘Uniqueness and ‘Spontaneous’ approach to get hold of the user’s precious few seconds.


are you hiring?

Thank you, but we are currently not hiring anyone.

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