Meet Bittu – P&G Shiksha’s 75-year-old student!


The story of Bittu reflects the dreams of many children across the country who wish to attend school and receive quality education. #DontLetDreamsWait has been conceptualised and created by Leo Burnett

P&G Shiksha, the flagship CSR program of P&G India, unveiled its new film that highlights the story of Bittu, who at the age of 75 is realizing his dream of attending school. The film has been launched across social media platforms YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

The film signifies the dreams of children across India who wish to attend school and receive quality education.

The film is inspired by a true story and highlights Bittu’s life at school. Having grown up in a village without schools, he had to wait until the age of 75 to attend one. Bittu’s story is a simple yet heart-warming instance of the dreams fulfilled by P&G Shiksha through its interventions.

Speaking about the new campaign, Abhishek Desai, Director – Marketing Operations, P&G India said, “Education is the foundation of an individual’s development and the society at large. The film highlights the simple joy of learning and attending a school that no child should miss. P&G India is extremely proud to be working towards this and helping millions of children in India fulfill their dream. We hope the film builds an emotional connect with the audience and inspires them to do their bit towards Shiksha.”

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Till date, P&G Shiksha has built and supported more than1800 schools which will impact the lives of more than 1.4 million children. In 2018, P&G Shiksha launched Choose For Change featuring Appu.

Added Rajdeepak Das, MD India, and Chief Creative Officer, Leo Burnett South Asia, “P&G Shiksha is a brand with a soul, and it required a heartfelt humankind approach. Going to school is a dream that children have. Not just the learnings but the fun stays with us all our lives. However, unfortunately, this dream is not realised for everyone. The new campaign is inspired by a true story and we have humanised the campaign by capturing the hopes and aspirations of ‘Bittu’ and how he is living his dream of attending school at the age of 75. With this emotional and thought-provoking story, we hope this campaign strikes a chord with everyone.”