Election Tracker 2019: BJP & Congress battle continues to rage…

Election 2019 social media data

The election tracker gives a view of Election 2019 social media data, shedding light on how both, BJP & Congress are fairing on the digital medium.

With elections going on in full swing, April 16 to April 30 marked an important phase of BJP and Congress on social media too. The passion of on-ground campaigning reflected on the digital battleground as hashtags such as #PhirEKBaarModiSarkar, #Vote4India, and #AbHogaNyay trended.

In terms of statistics, Congress occupied, 28.5 per cent share of voice on Facebook, while BJP held 71.5% share. On Twitter, both BJP & Congress relied on text content with 66.7k and 62.7k posts on Twitter.

Social Samosa in association with Talkwalker, presents the Election Tracker for April 16 – April 30. Take a look at the detailed data to understand the nitty gritty of how the election is panning out on the digital front.

Twitter Data

Twitter Followers

BJP # of followers: 11 Million

Congress # of followers: 5.1 million

Type of content posted by BJP and congress

New followers per weekday 

Share of voice – Twitter

Twitter activity – Tweets from audience and the official accounts

Facebook Data

Share of voice: BJP: 71.5%, Congress: 28.5%

Top hashtags on Facebook for BJP and Congress

The bigger the size of hashtag, the more number of times it has been used.

Follower growth: New Followers per weekday

Activity on Facebook: BJP and Congress

Instagram Data

Instagram Followers – BJP v/s Congress

BJP – 1.8 million
Congress – 439.5k

Potential reach for posts

New followers per week day

Instagram engagement

Data for the tracker has been shared by Talkwalker.


Talkwalker is merely a social listening tool and has been used to measure the social accounts of the two political parties, all views expressed in the post are independent of Talkwalker.

This is a data backed article and Social Samosa doesn’t endorse any opinions or political parties whatsoever.