#F8: Facebook to update Messenger app, create Lite and Desktop version

In the annual conference, F8 held by Facebook, Asha Sharma, Head of Messenger Consumer Products, announced few key updates that are scheduled for their messaging platform.

Facebook is planning to soon pivot towards private conversations and generate more engagement on the in-built app ‘Messenger’.

Currently, Messenger is a phone based app, required to chat with friends and business on Facebook. Understanding the need of the hour, Facebook is aiming to make Messenger fast, private, interoperable and space for close friends and family.

The social media giant is releasing, a lighter version of the existing app that will launch under 2 seconds, and will be of a size less than 30MB to install. The project is called LightSpeed and is completely rebuilt from the ground up on an entirely new code base, so this will take time to roll out.

Facebook is also launching a desktop version app of Messenger that will be available for both Windows and MacOS.

The desktop version will include features like group video calls, audio calls project collaboration and other features available on the mobile version. The app is in testing phase right now and will be rolled out globally later this year.

The launch of a desktop version might help turn the platform profitable with an increase in engagement and open avenues for ads.