Facebook updates algorithm to give users their time's worth

Paawan Sunam
May 20, 2019 06:37 IST
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Facebook algorithm

Facebook is updating the Facebook algorithm with two major changes prioritizing which friends you might want to hear from the most and links you might consider the most worthwhile.

Facebook says they want to make sure people see what they want to see, whether it's posts from family or friends or articles and videos from Pages they follow.

The two changes are implemented to attempt this motive. The ranking updates are based on the surveys they conducted.

To better connect users with the people they care about Facebook will predict who they might want to hear from the most, by basing it on the history users share with their friends.

The platform will consider various factors like how often users interact with a given friend, the number of mutual friends, whether they mark them as close friend, and more.

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Additionally, Facebook will look at patterns like being tagged in the same photos, reacting and commenting on the same posts, checking-in at the same places and would then use these patterns to form the algorithm.

The platform mentioned, your NewsFeed wouldn't be filled with the content from certain people, rather, you would likely see their posts higher up in the feed.

They would also be updating their prediction models on a timely basis. As, users might not want to hear from someone in a year, that you hear from now.

To make sure people see the links of articles and videos they would want to see, Facebook will be predicting on the basis of the survey's responses and identify signs that someone might find a link worth their time.

The responses would be combined with the information Facebook has about the post, engagement it has received and who it's from.

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