#GlobalSamosa: Ramadan’s Chaand has brought bright campaigns

Ramadan campaigns 2019

The holy month of Ramadan is here and it has brought some crescent campaigns. Take a look at some of the best Ramadan campaigns 2019.

The sentiments around this month have been staked in these adverts and creatives.

Just how the month promotes abstaining from all bad deeds and staying humble, these campaigns promote wholesome pursuits along with the plug-ins of their product.

All the feels of anticipation while seeking the moon, the excitement to buy new clothes, and the intimacy with loved ones are being spread like the scent of attar by these Ramadan campaigns.

Ramadan, being observed by people around the world also means consumers’ increased spends. These adverts are also creating brand recall, leveraging the times when purchases increase by a significant amount.

Although, this year saw more adverts concentrating on the story, rather than product placement.

Brands like Tata Motors, Surf Excel Pakistan and more have come out with some savory and aromatic campaigns.

Glance through.

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Tata Motors – Ramadan Kareem #CelebratingGoodness

Zain – Zain Ramadan

Rooh Afza – #RamazanMubarak

Surf Excel Pakistan‏ – #EkNekiRozana

Eicher Trucks & Buses

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