Instagram to distinguish new likes from old ones

Paawan Sunam
Updated On
New Update

Instagram is testing an update to categorize the likes your posts get into old and new.

The categories 'New' and 'Earlier' sections help classify latest activity on your posts.

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Users keeping a track of the engagement on their posts can attain added insights with the feature being tested. Few users on Android claim that they had access to it earlier, although it would be relatively new on iOS.

Additionally, Instagram Creator accounts have access to a new chart of followers and unfollowers along with a statistical presentation of activities. The feature is not available on business or regular accounts yet.

Both features, would benefit creators and brands on the platform, with a comprehension of their audience and a breakdown of their analytics.

Brands and creators on the platform can keep a track of the engagement they get and when they get it. Such understanding can help them strategize according to when the posts are most engaged with, and who engages with it the most.

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