iProspect India launches automation solution -iOptimize

iProspect India

iProspect India launched Solutions Labs to provide marketing solutions driven by tech & data to its clients.

As the first step, the agency has introduced ‘iOptimize’, which aims to improve the efficiency of its clients’ search campaigns.

Running multiple campaigns across sectors for any client requires a vast variety of ad copies. iOptimise creates dynamic keywords and ad copies from client CMS (content management system) and is very useful especially in the travel & e-commerce categories. The solution will help clients by driving personalization at scale.

The proprietary solution gets the client data through client CMS. With the help of artificial intelligence, it services the search queries with a precise message. Then, ads are dynamically created based on a user’s query and back end data. Once that’s done, through automation, the ad shows up for the user who searched for the query. This way, the whole process of writing copies for specific ads will be done without any manual work. This will not only help the agency create micro-campaigns but also personalize ads for better consumer experience.

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While commenting on the solution, Karan Jaitapkar, EVP – Technology, iProspect India said, “Consumer Experience Management with the power to personalize is key to successful implementations in digital. With this tool, we aim to bridge the gap between personalized search keywords and personalized messages.”