Agency Feature:

Who are we? is a full-service digital agency working on end-to-end customer requirements from UX design to social media marketing. By combining expertise in the areas of business consulting, emerging technologies, and result driven marketing, delivers comprehensive and collaborative solutions for their clients including startups, enterprises and medium scale businesses. operates from Kolkata, India and Bristol, United Kingdom. At present, we work with global clientele spanning 23 countries. Our major clients are based in North America, Western Europe, South East and Middle East Asia in industry verticals as diverse as healthcare, education, manufacturing, logistics, BFSI, etc.

Our Team
  • Eman Shome: Head of Service Delivery
  • Hasibur Rahaman: Programming Team Lead
  • Aripriya Basu: Content Team Lead – Google Adwords and Hubspot certified
  • Ananya Roy: Social Media Team Lead – Google Adwords and Hubspot certified
  • Subhomay Banerjee: Co-founder & Managing Director
  • Prasit Bhattachary: Co-founder & CEO

What’s in the name?

We wanted to have a name that will clearly reflect what we do. What better than as we envision, design and develop and market memorable experiences for our customers and end consumers.

.codes extension which is unique and can’t be replicated was also an important factor in the eventual decision making. We feel wouldn’t have had the same feel to it.

What we do?

We focus on getting ROI +ve for every customer at the earliest possible stage no matter what their requirement is. We deliver scalable solutions and measurable results to every single customer.

Only the channels of expression vary from design and programming to marketing.

Why we do it?

When Subhomay & I were working as freelance consultants earlier, we wanted to a) create a nice website to showcase our expertise b) market it effectively to our target audience.

The results were not what we expected. We felt the end result and the overall experience could have been far better. This got us thinking why don’t we try to bridge the gap ourselves for other businesses.

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How we evolve?

As with any other aspect of the business – get things done, analyse, learn from mistakes and do better next time.

There is always a better way to do things.

On a broader level, businesses need to evolve and cater to one-on-one personalised social interactions from the present broadcast method of social publishing.

Growing privacy concerns around the world, the immense popularity of the chat apps and use of emerging technologies such as the use of Natural Language Processing and AI to develop chatbots are clearly impacting and changing the way people interact on social platforms.

Social responsibility in social media

Act responsibly. Being accountable to ourselves. Just like in real life, we need to balance our freedom and duties online on social media too.

We aren’t supposed to litter the roads and we aren’t supposed to spread rumours on social media.

Need of the hour

To define privacy basics.

The most important questions to ask are – Is there a way to define and generalise basic privacy needs of everyone? Will one size fit all? How much are we willing to go out of our comfort zone to protect our privacy?

We are living in a rapidly evolving society where there are public outcries for not being able to select with who I want to share my social status. This while we are getting food items, grocery delivered by people unknown to us right at our doorstep.

My take on this is that we as a society prefer convenience over privacy. As we evolve as a society over time, so will our values and concerns.

We learned the hard way

Something is better than nothing.

So many businesses focus on being perfect that they keep re-doing the same thing over and over again, only for a marginal increase in efficiency.

Our experience shows that our top performing customers try to reduce their go-to-market time as much as they can. They release a product, market it and keep evolving. They make their products/services better along the way while selling and trying to increase market share.

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Did we just share that?

We are working with a client – a recruitment agency in the United Kingdom, who make our job so much easier by sending us fun and crazy videos and images of the team at work.

This helped us to generate a lot of engagement and traction organically on Instagram for them.

What works, in this case, is that we are mostly targeting other people to work with them on Instagram and they love the fact that they get to know the unfiltered version of the company, work culture, and the existing team members.

They work with us

We would prefer not to mention specific clients here.

Industry as we foresee

  1. Businesses will start understanding how to use each of the social channels based on their respective best use cases. Same content doing rounds across multiple social channels in the same form will be a strict no.
  2. Focus will shift towards leveraging social channels to specifically enhance a) customer support b) sales lead generation c) brand recall value with data-driven ROI analysis from the current trend of focusing on likes, followers and generic engagement.

Some of the brands have already shifted their focus towards this and are killing it on social. We expect more and more businesses to follow sooner than later.

A day without Internet

Everyone will feel differently about it. For me personally, it will be a bliss to be able to stay completely offline for a couple of days. This will help me to focus on doing other things I love such as reading and writing without interruption.

However given the kind of business we are in, I will consider myself extremely lucky to afford this luxury even once a year.