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Mixed Route Juice

Who are we?

We are a 3-years-young, 14-member-small content hotshop that delivers campaigns through the line.

What's in the name?

We’re not Mixed Fruit Juice. Three years have taught us well how to deal with the confusion.


a Mixed bag of solutions, traversing

multiple Routes, providing just the

right kind of Juice any brand needs.

What we do?

Content solutions, Always on Influencer campaigns, Social media and Digital campaigns.


Why we do it?


got a cumulative experience of over 30 years, a time long enough to pick and

choose the kind of things we specialize in and are good at.

How we


Our consumers are ever changing. How can content not follow suite? We take pride in basing every work we release, on consumer insights that are deep-rooted and relatable. Short, snackable content is what is the need of the hour and we give ourselves a pat on the back for acing it.

Social responsibility in social media

Life is too short for being wasteful. Use all resources wisely. Even a Facebook post.

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Need of the


Creating content that fits in the lives of the TG is what most brands struggle with. We evaluate platforms and create/co-curate content keeping in mind their utilities and affinities.

We learned the hard way


ride’s been rough, but we’re nailing it quarter after quarter. What started as

a 4 member core team, is now 14. What started as 1 client on a project basis is

now over 30 clients on a repeat mode. To chart a course takes time, but it
happens only when you keep at it.

Did we just share that?


quote SIC {Video ka budget nahihai. GIF bana do.}.

They work

with us

DLF, Thomson TVs, Vivo, Cargill to name

a few.

Industry as we foresee

The growth of digital has seen brands

interacting with consumers on a daily basis. To be able to do that, you need to

speak their language. Everything else, otherwise, just becomes another post on

the wall. :-D

A day without Internet

Bliss for the first 15 minutes. Mayhem

right after that.

Lastly, are

you hiring?

Copywriters/ Art Directors

If you have the knack for it, we’ve got the rack for you.

(A bad attempt at copy, a worse one at art. But a good

attempt for a closing note. Drop us a line if you think you’ll fit in.)

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