Amazon urges consumers to celebrate our Father’s unconditional love!

Amazon Father's Day Campaign

This Father’s Day, Amazon urges consumers to celebrate a Father’s love through a heartfelt video of important moments and the unconditional efforts put in by Dads in raising a child.

Amazon continues to capture hearts with the most appropriate and compelling message of celebrating Father’s love in its latest #DeliverTheLove, Father’s Day campaign.

Amazon, hits the right note with this insight in its new Father’s Day campaign, urging the consumers to celebrate Father’s love, which is an essential part of an upbringing of a child. The montage of emotional moments captures the extent to which a Father goes, to protect and nurture a child with unconditional love and support. 

The brand campaign begins with the playful spirit of a Father, who remains unperturbed playing with his child, from being teased by his children to sportingly enjoying oneself in make-up games of a child. 

It goes on to depicting the involvement of a Father in his child’s life and taking on multiple roles. From putting a child to sleep, to the funny shoulder rides, to swim sessions with a child, from being the dance partner for his little girl child, to soothing his child when he’s crying, the campaign brings out how fathers are a shield to their children in every walk of life.   

Amazon captures the essence of this message with the heart-warming campaign urging the consumers to appreciate and acknowledge Father’s love as much.

The beautiful story is supported by a playful and a happy background tune with a simple message that “Chutkiyon mein nahi bani ye kahani” which means in the literal sense that, this story hasn’t been created with a pinch of salt and has taken a lot of time and effort to make it. 

The message means that just as the Father has put all his heart and soul to raise a child, we can too take some time out, to appreciate the efforts and love of our Father. 

In the fast-paced era, where everything happens with a simple touch of a button, Amazon compels the consumers to take some time out, instead, to gift and love your Father with #DeliverTheLove.