Amit Doshi lists out gaps in podcasting in India at #SMLive 2019

Amit Doshi, Founder, IVM Podcasts gives us a glimpse into the world of podcasting in India and the creative path ahead at #SMLive 2019.

Amit starts off the session by expressing the way podcasting has grown in India. We started at a point where people used to ask, “What is a podcast?” but we are not in a place where we no longer have to answer it as much as we had to earlier, he explains.

If you are someone who knows a little about what is happening internationally, chances are you would know the basics of a podcast. However, there is a long way to go. Here are a few gaps listed by him in the world of podcasting in India.

Most traffic from urban pockets

Amit explains how most users that consume podcasts are currently ones who live in urban pockets. For IVM, most traffic, about 50 to 60% of it, comes from cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, and Hyderabad. Proliferation in the tier-2 and tier-3 cities is happening but not as fast as would be likely.

English-first content preferred

There is a need to expand on the number of languages in which podcasts are being made, Amit opines. “We have shows available in Hindi, Kannada, and Marathi and we are trying to expand the number of languages we are working on,” he says. It is very important to create and promote local content to connect with audiences.

Numbers are bad, growth is good

There is a need for breakout moments and a succession of such moments for podcasts to pick up steam in India. One single moment won’t do it, says Amit. The number of listeners is not very encouraging at the moment, but since it has come from nothing, the growth is something to be proud of.

Making the technological switch

The switch between mediums in terms of technological advancement is a gradual process. People switched from TV to YouTube and books from Kindle. The process happens gradually. “The one issue in the case of India is that we don’t have a talk radio culture here, which has evolved into podcasts elsewhere,” explains Amit.

Brands need to come onboard more

Though many brands have come onboard for podcasts, there is still a gap to be covered. Currently, banking, mental health, online poker and mutual fund brands are making the most of podcasts. Self-help and business podcasts are doing really well. “A brand can benefit from a podcast with the help of the host who acts as an influencer,” Amit explains, adding that the affection for the host gets transferred to the brand.

Analytic tools need an uplift

Unlike video formats, there is a gap in the way analytics measure engagement in the case of podcasts. Amit explains how currently, the audio file is downloaded on the local device from the server. “The file is not connected to the server when it is being consumed,” he says, explaining the reason why analytical tools don’t give proper measures as of now.

Quick Tips

  • Be regular, have consistency and stick to the decided theme.
  • Invest in equipment if you want to make a podcast professionally.
  • Use social media to build engagement and grow your audience.
  • Plan your episodes well. You must have a plan for episodes ahead.

See the entire session here:

Amit Doshi , Founder and CEO at IVM Podcasts covers the State of Podcasting in India at #SMLive

Posted by Social Samosa on Saturday, 29 June 2019