I used to spam people with my content when I first started out: Nick at #SMLive 2019

Nick or Nikunj Lotia of Be YouNick fame is popular for being a Dombivali guy making it big on YouTube. At #SMLive 2019, he recalls his creative journey.

With a few weeks to go for his YouTube journey to turn five, Nick is all set to release Part 2 of Mass Bunk on Be YouNick. Yes, he shares this exclusively at #SMLive 2019.

Today, the channel is a team of seven writers, editors, and directors. They have come a long way from the day when Nick started out, spamming everyone he knew on Facebook.

“If you check the messages of people who were my friends back then, you will find links to my first video everywhere,” he says.

He explains how this is how generally everyone starts. This is something everyone does when they start out, whether or not they accept it, he adds. He cites his YouTube Fan Fest journey on how he went from the crowd to stage. “Don’t think of monetisation when you start out. If I had, I would have become restless after the five videos and wouldn’t have made another 45 that led me to my first viral,” he says.

Now that they have the strength and brands have started pouring in collaborations, how have things changed? Nick says that he loves to create content and never makes anything that goes against his personal ethics. “We write a piece for a brand and see if it’s funny without the brand. If it is, we take it forward,” said Nick.

On a fun note, he answers a question about the worst kind of briefs he gets by recalling one, “Yaar kuch viral banate hai!” He says if he knew how to do so, it wouldn’t have taken him two years and 50 videos to get his first.

Nick feels that audio is the next big thing and advises creators to start now as it could give them a beginners advantage. There are a million questions in mind when a person starts creating content. The same could be seen in the comments during his live session. Answering queries, he said, “It doesn’t matter how much you spend on the piece, rather it is about what you make.” He further confesses how he doesn’t watch as much content for there is a chance of subconsciously trying to mimic what you see.

See the full session here:

#SMLive – Nick from Beyounick shares content creation hat tips for aspiring creators!

Posted by Social Samosa on Sunday, 30 June 2019