Campaign Face Off: SBI Life Insurance’s #PapaHainNa v/s Bajaj Allianz Life’s #UnMissableMeeting

While SBI Life Insurance’s #PapaHainNa is a catchy song with a direct product connect, Bajaj Allianz Life’s #UnMissableMeeting gives us a glimpse into a father’s longing.

Father’s Day is the best time for insurance companies to promote products and brand rhetoric. This year, two BFSI campaigns came to fore, SBI Life Insurance’s #PapaHainNa and Bajaj Allianz Life’s #UnMissableMeeting. Here, we take a look at both and bring in experts to understand which of them fared better.

SBI Life Insurance’s #PapaHainNa

For #PapaHainNa, SBI Life Insurance roped in playback singer Shaan this year for their campaign’s music video. The call to action here is a nudge to fathers to go to the micro-site and find their own Papa Formula by selecting personality traits that define them as a father. They can then download and share it with family and friends on social media.

SBI Life’s #PapaHainNa is a digital property that was launched in 2015 by the brand and has been a consistent annual affair in their creative cycle. The campaign is rolled out on SBI Life’s digital platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram along with on-ground activation to augment the campaign’s outreach.

“Over the years, #PapaHainNa has tapped into various cultural nuances to celebrate the spirit of a father’s love. ‘Mera Papa Formula’ as a concept leverages technology to take fathers on a journey for self-discovering their ‘Papa Formula’ and sharing it with loved ones through music,” says Ravindra Sharma, Chief of Brand and Corporate Communication, SBI Life.

Social media buzz

SBI Life Insurance went all out for promoting the campaign and roped in various well known influencers and celebrities, including cricketers who are fathers to create content for social media. Shaan was used strategically an asset for the campaign.

Every Papa has their own formula towards Fatherhood. Some are strict, some are easy going, some fun and some serious. What trait describes you best as a father? #PapaHainNa

Posted by SBI Life Insurance on Thursday, 13 June 2019

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Bajaj Allianz Life’s #UnMissableMeeting

Bajaj Allianz Life’s #UnMissableMeeting is a digital campaign by the brand that was released on its social media handles, aiming to highlight and refuel father-kid bonding moments that get lost as the child grows up to pursue their own life goals.

The video traces the longing felt by three fathers and the steps they take to meet their child in an office setting — by setting up an appointment. As the fathers meet their children, each duo refreshes a significant memory in their relations and relives in during the stipulated time.

“#UnMissableMeeting is aimed at engaging with millennials and celebrating those special father-child bonding moments often neglected in pursuit of individual life goals,” says Chandramohan Mehra, Chief Marketing Officer, Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance.

Social Media Buzz

Bajaj Allianz Life did not use social media as actively to promote the campaign on official handles. They ran a campaign with the same creative across social media platforms. The video though was shared adequately.

One of the oldest father-child rituals is cheering for #TeamIndia in Indo-Pak World Cup matches. This #FathersDay, you…

Posted by Bajaj Allianz Life on Friday, 14 June 2019

Experts Speak

Aniketh Dsouza, CEO – Mindstorm

The #PapaHainNa campaign is trendier with a catchy song. It appears to be targeting teens and college going youth to celebrate Father’s Day. It strives to make a cultural connection with the teens so that they could dance to its tune. I wouldn’t be surprised if it would be used to celebrate their dad’s birthday!

If you observe the search inquiries related to ‘papa hai na’, you will notice that people are primarily hunting for the song. The CTA appears at the extreme end, hence I am unsure how does this relate to driving action for SBI. This campaign nevertheless is a good conversation starter. From a brand perspective, I believe SBI is calling themselves as Dad who is there for his consumers.

The Unmissable Meeting from Bajaj Allianz is also trying to make a cultural connection but with an emotional twist. This campaign sub-consciously also communicates that the brand cares for you and empowers you with ideas to actually do something for your dad. This is a campaign I would love to share on my network.

Sachin Karle, Co-Founder, Director – KitesUnited IMC

I think there is only one campaign — SBI Life, #PapaHainNa. Besides the film, I remember seeing 360-degree activities on digital, print and radio. Enough engagement can be seen on their Facebook page around this campaign. As a concept, #PapaHainNa goes beyond Father’s Day. It is a known fact that you look up to your dad whenever you need advice or you are in problem. It is a tested and proven formula that has been packaged differently — it works for me.

The ‘Bajaj Allianz, #UnMissableMeeting’ is also interesting. However, it is a one-off film and not a campaign. I don’t remember seeing any other communication by the brand except for a couple of posts on Facebook.