Case Study: How Pop Tate's used Tinder for Valentine's Day

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Tinder Case Study

This Tinder Case Study by Pop Tate's explores how the restaurant used the platform to create buzz around their Valentine's Day offering



Brand Introduction


hangout place in Mumbai and Pune, Pop

is inspired by the famous and most loved comic series,

"Archie's". The retro feel at the "Unrestaurant" is a

perfect place to unwind, binge, drink and make merry!


marketing objective from Social Media is to connect and engage with the target




Tate’s wanted to talk about their exclusive Valentine’s Day Menu. The marketing

had to be in a product centric manner with ads consisting of the Menu and the


Creative Idea

Given the occasion, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter would be flooded with Valentine’s Day Ads from restaurants; which is where Tinder came into the picture.

Pop Tate’s wanted people to #SwipeRight on the restaurant’s profile so that they could communicate with the exact Target. The Social media pages had post designs similar to the UI of Tinder.



As per online sources, India is Tinder’s (the dating app) top market in Asia, and get’s approximately 15 Million daily swipes from the country. Pop Tate’s Valentine’s Day campaign, #SwipeRight focused on pitching the restaurant as the perfect destination for Valentine’s.

In this campaign, people in the vicinity discovered Pop Tate’s on Tinder and matched with the restaurant by swiping right, which is where we as a brand engaged with the local profiles. Once the rapport was built, the brand found success in inviting them to Pop Tate’s for an evening with their loved ones.


Further Pop Tate’s worked on an Influencer outreach program spreading awareness around the campaign and how consumers engaged with the on Tinder.



  1. Number of People engaged on Tinder:  700+ people have interacted with us on Tinder. All organic. 
  2. Total Reach on Social Media: 30,000 + people were reached. Majorly all organic as the campaign was executed dedicatedly on Tinder.
  3. Percentage of People who said they would love to visit Pop Tate's: Approx 30% of all interaction showed interest in visiting Pop Tate's during Valentine's Day.
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