Taking you on a Culinary Journey~ Chef Ranveer Brar, Hot Potato films

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Chef Ranveer Brar

Born in Lucknow, Chef Ranveer Brar with his more than 20 years of experience and his team, take the viewers on a culinary journey with Hot Potato films and delectable content.

Chef Ranveer Brar is a celebrated Indian chef, hailing from Lucknow. He has adorned several roles which revolve around his food journey like Judge, TV show host, and food stylist. He launched his food app taking a dive into the digital media with Ranveer Brar App. He has many interesting series under Hot Potato Films which he founded to channelize his love for content creation, especially the content on food, along with his team, who are a group of food enthusiasts, sharing his passion. His latest series, 'Ma Ki Baat', is grabbing eyeballs from the viewers.

Chef Ranveer is also an author to his book, 'Come into my kitchen', depicting his culinary journey.


Who are we?

We are a food content creation company.



The journey was conceptualized by chef Ranveer 5 years ago, wherein he realized that content creation was as much a passion for him as cooking. It started off in a small studio that eventually grew big with time.



Our team consists of Food Researchers – Riddhima, Atharv and Ria; Editors – Rohan, Kamal and Kunal; Back kitchen team – Suyog, Jitesh and Raju Thakur..


in the name?

Hot Potato Films was just a quirky name we thought of. Potatoes are a universal favorite and that’s what we expect of the content we create as well. The idea is also to create content that makes you think.


mission statement

The purpose was and is to create content that connects

with everyone that has a relationship to food, be it recipe videos, travel

videos, so relationship with food across spectrums.


create content for?

Young Millennials and homemakers.


work with...

We have collaborations with big brands like Home

Centre, the ‘Go’ brand of products under the umbrella of Parag Milk Products,

Hersheys and many more.


are proud of

We worked on a series called Readymade by Ranveer which helps home chefs to recreate supermarket packaged foods at home. Currently, we’ve done Maa ki Baat that’s garnering great reviews and media attention.

Our WTF moment

Several funny incidents but a freaky one that I can’t

forget is we had shot some terrific footages of Thailand for a travel show. But

on return we found that both the discs with the footage got corrupted!


tuned for...

Working on more food related content, more short food


Are you hiring?

Definitely, we are looking for food researchers, back

kitchen interns and editing interns as well.

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