#CWC2019: Royal Stag's World Cup campaign takes an interactive route

Srishti Dubey
Jun 10, 2019 11:28 IST
Royal Stag World Cup campaign

The Royal Stag World Cup campaign sticks to the trending missed calls and anthems, yet attempts to break the clutter to reflect how they value true fan engagement.

Royal Stag recently signed up a 5-year partnership with International Cricket Council, ICC. Given the scale of the association and to give fans experience money can’t buy, the brand is sending over 100 fans to England to watch the World Cup. All one has to do is give a missed call.

The brief from the brand required the creators to ingrain this missed call number in people’s minds while ensuring maximum participation for the contest.


Sumit Ghildiyal, Creative Director, River talked about the genesis of the idea. “Multiple brands across categories are offering the same giveaway and in this clutter, the biggest task is to be differentiated. Therefore, it was important to think of an idea which that not only broke the clutter because of its novelty, but actually make people remember a phone number.

That is why we used the technique of an interactive video, to make people not only engage but even focus on what they were doing. In digital, interactivity is key.

We combined that with storytelling that allowed the consumer to take our protagonist (representative of India’s Largest Fan) from his sofa to the World Cup stadium at England by pressing digits of the missed call number. End of it, fans remembered the number and understood they could also go to the World Cup by simply dialing these numbers.”

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The World Cup promotional campaign of 'Be India’s Largest Fan to go to the World Cup' is happening across mediums including outdoor, retail and television.


video has already generated a lot of buzz on social with over 1.5 million reach
and over 50k people engaging with it within a week of its release.

Among the season of anthems, Royal Stag's has also come out with their own, that stars the snapshots of the Indian cricket team. It has been sung by Benny Dayal and written by Swanand  Kirkire.

Royal Stag's 'Be India's Largest Fan, go to the World Cup' is a nourished 360 degree campaign that takes the anthems and missed calls for a trip to England on a higher, more creative note with their personalised storyline that smoothens the approach while inviting more amusing and organic engagement.

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