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Zefmo’s India Influence Report 2019, paints a positive outlook with interesting influencer marketing statistics while focusing on the industry’s journey.

Zefmo Media’s India Influence Report 2019 revealed influencer marketing statistics - 65% of marketers and strategists shared that it helped in increasing (brand) awareness and recall; 50% of the respondents also agreed that it is effective in managing (brand) reputation and sentiments while 47% say it is effective in reaching out and influencing the new target audience.

The report revealed that the popularity of influencer marketing has increased in 2019 from 2018 with 94% marketers/strategists finding it more effective and 85% continuously exploring innovative ways to collaborate with social media influencers.

It also indicates that 76% of marketers/strategists will increase their budget allocation on Influencer marketing compared to 62% last year.

Why marketers look

at it as impactful & integral?

Respondents participating in Zefmo’s survey for the 2019 India Influence Report agree on 3 major points -

  • 60% believe that influencer marketing helps to reach out to consumers or potential consumers
  • 56% say it effectively helps in connecting with both millennials and centennials
  • 45% see it as a better alternative to traditional advertising

India Influence

Report 2019: Key takeaways

Salient points :

  • 94% marketers/strategists found influencer marketing to be an effective form of marketing
  • 73% of marketers/strategists have revealed that they actively engage social influencers as part of either ‘always-on’ program, integrated program or campaign basis while 27% are still experimenting with influencer marketing
  • 70% marketers/strategists responded “Yes” when asked if “exclusivity with social influencers is better for their brand.”

According to this report, there has been a considerable change in consumer behaviour in India on how they look at social media influencers. Earlier, the purchasing behaviour of the consumers was influenced by the product messaging relayed through advertisements. However, things have started to change now with the consumer displaying trust on the social media influencers they follow on social media platforms.

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The survey underlines the effect of social media influencers and influencer marketing integrated with the marketing campaigns, playing a critical role in shaping the decisions of the people including their voting choices.

 “We are increasingly witnessing that the

penetration of internet and social media is playing a very important role in

the lives of people in India and influencers as a key part of the social media

universe are actively making an impact by spreading positive messages and

increasing diversity,” said Shudeep Majumdar, Co-founder, Zefmo. “We have seen

influencers playing a very critical role in spreading great positive effects

and promoting things like body positivity, spreading messages about speaking

out about the #MeToo movement which has rapidly changed the way people think

about and approach sexual assault, and environmentally conscious

movements like veganism. Increasingly these trends are changing our

expectations about our rights, about what we can do to get support, and about

it being okay to say you are after all human.”

According to an

Adweek report, the influencer marketing industry is expected to hit $10 billion

by 2020, showcasing its’ growing popularity.


allocation& engagement: Upward trend continues

The survey

indicates more budget would be allocated to the influencer marketing industry.

Key Points:

  • 76% marketers/strategists are of the view that the influencer marketing budget in 2019 will remain the same compared to last year or increase
  • 60% marketers/strategists opined that their influencer marketing campaign will start from a minimum of 5 lacs and will go beyond 25 lacs on the higher side with more marketers/strategists opting for the latter
  • 69% marketers/strategists are clear that social influencers will be engaged more during launches in 2019
  • 61% said they will engage influencers to build and enhance reputation
  • 40% are of the view that 2019 will also see more engagement of influencers to promote and distribute content

In terms of the

content format influencers can help leverage as per the India Influence Report

2019, 55% marketers/strategists are convinced that reviews and videos content (YT,

IGTV etc.) will be the most effective channels while 50% are of the view that

Instagram will also remain an effective platform

Challenges to look

out for in 2019

Designing a

creative influencer marketing campaign is not an easy task. There are certain

challenges that need to be kept in mind while running a successful influencer

marketing campaign-

  • 65% also agrees that the most important thing is to choose the right influencer with image and identity that is in line with the brand’s/party’s messaging and ideology
  • The second thing to look should be a credible number of followers who recognises and identifies with the influencer’s image. 65% marketers/strategists say that the authenticity of influencer should be determined
  • 56% says that for any campaign to be successful the effectiveness of the campaign should be measured properly
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