Edelweiss’ #RetireYourWorries digital campaign shows the reality of retired life


Edelweiss launched #RetireYourWorries – a digital campaign which emphasizes on the facts and the reality of retired life.

The campaign emphasizes the need for and importance of retirement planning.  As per brief online research conducted by Edelweiss Mutual Fund internally, it is clear how unprepared people are for retirement.

Speaking about the campaign, Radhika Gupta, CEO of Edelweiss Asset Management Company expresses, “With this campaign, we aim to highlight the reality of today. We want consumers to understand that delaying retirement planning or ignoring it will make survival difficult in your retired years. Investing early with small portions in the right assets as per your age, will help one to retire worry free.”

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She further added, “As a brand, our communication route has always been simple and clearly highlights the benefit for consumers like our ongoing campaign ‘Advice Zaroori Hai’.

59% of the respondents do not know how much money they will need to post retirement. 48% feel they cannot afford the current lifestyle post-retirement. 61% do not know whether to invest in equity or debt for Retirement Planning.

77% have not thought about consulting a Financial Advisor for Retirement planning. Rising costs, inflation, increasing life expectancy, growth of nuclear families etc. are some of the reason’s retirement planning becomes very important.


Communication Route Agency :  Workship

Creative Agency: Hotstuff Advertising

Creative Director: Terence D’Souza

Director: Nitin Mali

AV Head: Craig Mattos

Cast: Micky Makhija

Public Relations Agency: Perfect Relations