How to use content to create an engaged YouTube subscriber base

YouTube series can help you expand your subscriber base, engage with viewers and make them channel regulars

Subscribers, current and potential, awaiting new content is a dream for any YouTuber. What better way to do this than to create a YouTube series! There are too many content creators vying for the attention of the same consumers, even if the topics being covered are niche. While there are various ways to stand out, retention highly depends on whether people feel like coming back to your content. Here’s how you can add a binge-watch quality to the content you produce and publish on this media giant.

Choose the topic carefully

Go through your YouTube analytics and see what your viewers seem to be interested in. There, you can track numbers and analyse the performance of your content, numerically. It will help you zero down on the topics you can consider to create a YouTube series.

Go through comments, read them and interact with your audiences. Get a feel of why they come to your channel. Check what’s helping convert views into likes, retain viewers and bring them back. It is important for you to stay in sync with what you generally post about — be mindful of that too.

Give them reason(s)

Talk to your viewers, tell them what to expect and what is the timeline they need to be invested in your content for. Give them a reason to come back the next time you are planning to put across a video in the series. Plan the scheduling well and stick to it.

For example, for someone interested in poetry, #NaPoWriMo is a great time to put up a series as it has a fixed duration of 30 days and there is a theme to stick to. People know what to expect and will have something to look forward to on a daily basis.

Documentation is key here

Planning your videos in a way that the content has a longer shelf life is always a good idea. As a brand, you can use a YouTube series to collate a portfolio that the users can browse through to get a sense of what you sell and stand for. It could either be topical or something that captures the overall essence of the brand.

You could put them all up as a campaign or over a period of time. It is important to have a title that connects the videos together, leading viewers from one to the next. Making a playlist out of these videos is also a good call for then they are listed together and will help with at least temporary retention of users consuming the series.

Optimisation and accessibility

Add appropriate and similar tags to all the videos in the series. Ensure that the optimisation for all the videos is similar so that people find them with ease. If you are making topical content, use the keyword in the title and keep it the same for all the videos.

You can also add links to the next video in the description by later editing the previous one. You can shoot a series of videos at an event or create a series out of assignments submitted in college. It can be a great documentation tool that will continue to get your channel users over time.

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