Iffort launches 'Celebrate Pride' AR filter commemorating 50 years of pride

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Jun 17, 2019 11:40 IST
Iffort AR filter

Iffort launches “Celebrating Pride 2019” AR Filter on Facebook extending their support for the LGBTQ community.

Digital agency, Iffort, is celebrating 50 years of pride by combining their love for creativity and technology. The agency has launched “Celebrating Pride 2019” AR Filter on Facebook to show their support for the LGBTQ community. The rainbow background reflects the colors of gay pride flags and the diversity in the LGBTQ community. The peppy music and blinking eyes make the interaction so enjoyable.

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June is Pride month. The world celebrates the LGBTQ community by turning up at Pride Parades, celebrating their influence in the world and raising awareness about the issues faced by them.<0>=68.ARCXImucAx3I5u-ToJ_-b7y8bedoZEUHMTiHYOQ05zDpP2ABh6TnMsN3c-SQ7baiwpRsOUwtbKHEjCVO3CD8H9_CPjoe6qvgeCWqc-3nu_3sTBMxMANREb5ft-U0twGk6V2Ie-Bm-HrznNHqQJQrg3XFCn8rZuTE_RshyUVFV5_YMi37F5HXp3-vXk5AMIk8nr4d3kuqUTyRC8YRnp9ABgRKO0jY_dmO9wGD3PbN0-BKQicKvR6yCpDKg2WWy18L7FRB5h05x2cF6yNUqJA6NRSbvle02j_e6l5UuNVd0B2ZvoEqKCtFduirfYcqCHCtj4iXUD3iVYEOgyiCv9HLzILxmnZET7fJ&__tn__=-R

The Celebrating Pride filter was launched not too long ago but the community has already given its blessings. 

In addition to the Pride Filter, they have also created a fun cricket AR Filter to cheer the men in blue to bring back the “Cricket Ka Crown.”<0>=68.ARDgR4dHiJxA3Dw0o4c7haH-Acgd1GBp76ipbBygQzuVCqt-f2G-O17O0XvXuD-1kwRoZ0vbFP2LOmldJWxAeQMISpK2Rjr6IbBo2uadlI1UN58Q-DWK3QquhBJvi6tK0rppU2juYfIzQ4y_sxB4EB0ZVm-YTzhygFUWN2lvysIj3rKETm53n2NhsUZn4t2LVcdP2f33bEvv99POad2BCWGKbzBId70uy-vmikKXNv2IyI5ZoB26T_3omR-gqlGwA5oIW0WVzdrszGzFDFmkKRoJKXCrCJGhU6YpO0PxbMRvVHed9VpUjH28QSXRvPZFEPomXbu-ze-MJpfHTTDR&__tn__=-R

The future of Facebook & Instagram will be a filtered experience where the real world will be mixed with art and technology. At this year’s F8 conference, Facebook focused prominently on enhancing the AR experience for the users and also announced notable changes to SPARK AR. Since F8 Last year, over 1 billion people interacted with AR.

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