Instagram tests new features: muted accounts, donations, and more

Paawan Sunam
New Update

Instagram is testing 'Muted accounts' for Android, a twist for storage of Stories and more.

You know you can mute accounts from your feed and Stories. This helps not seeing anyone without completely cutting them off. The feature 'Muted Accounts' lets you check their posts whenever you wish to.

The feature is being tested on Android and was already available on iOS.

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The second feature being tested is a 'Donate' button in the 'Profile' tab. Jane Manchun Wong, the reverse engineer who uncovered this feature mentioned that the feature may only be available to verified accounts and approved non-profit organisations' accounts.

Reason being, scamsters and fake charities can misuse the feature to fulfil ulterior motives in the course polluting the positive motive of the feature.

Additonally, Instagram is also testing a minute alteration with Stories Camera. According to the tests, all the photos captured from the Stories Camera will be saved within the app for 7 days.

The platform describes you can take as many photos you like and then post your favorites later.

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