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For this team of passionate feminists, Vitamin Stree is quirkily definitive of how they have set out to feed the world with nutritious dose of content for young Indian women.

Vitamin Stree is one of the first video content platforms dedicated to exclusive online content for women creating a much needed safe space online.

The list of regressive norms, tabooed conversations, and patriarchal exploitation for women sure is a long one but Vitamin Stree has extensively worked to put out an even longer list of newly stirred conversations, inspirational storytelling, and the coming of age feminism.

It’s not all in thin air though! In-depth research and analysis play a key role in shaping a narrative for this Stree. Topics they forayed into like PCOS, Intersectionality, The Barbie Effect were definitively what India was waiting to explore at the doorstep of Feminism.

An interesting hashtag #ThatsWhatStreeSays speaks louder for their motto. With newer, bigger plans in 2019, Vitamin Stree is set to educate the world, let’s find out how?

Who are we?

Vitamin Stree is a young, video first, content platform that is focused on reshaping the narrative for young women in India. Through objective analysis, in-depth research and inspirational storytelling, we serve up a healthy dose of nutritious content on themes that matter most to young women.

Our journey

Vitamin Stree was started two years ago, as the first, independent content channel of Supari Studios. It was envisioned as a disruptive channel for urban, Indian women, to talk about issues that are ignored or not talked about enough. To start a safe space online, for women to find information and have conversations, on everything from female sexual pleasure and beauty standards to birth control and laws for women in India. We have grown steadily, with a loyal base of viewers and subscribers across platforms, that now stand at 100,000+ and growing.

Our family

Our small family comprises:

Advait Gupt, Co-founder & CEO, Supari Studios

Akshat Gupt, Co-founder & CCO, Supari Studios

Padmini Vaidyanathan , Editor & Creative Head, Vitamin Stree

Anisha Sharma, Creative Director & Content Head (Video), Vitamin Stree

Anuj Hakked, Sr Associate Producer, Vitamin Stree

Pankhuri Ranjan, Sr Associate Producer, Vitamin Stree

Akshat Gupta , Associate Producer, Vitamin Stree

Here we should mention our Original Strees, Tara Kapur & Ankita Shetty, who brought Vitamin Stree to life and built the platform, before moving on to other adventures.

What’s in the name?

We’re called Vitamin Stree because we offer a healthy dose of nutritious content for the young Indian woman.

Our mission statement

We’re reshaping the narrative for young women in India.

We create content for?

Young, urban, Indian women, who are watching a lot of content online and sharing. We are currently in English, but have plans of expanding into Hindi and eventually into as many regional languages as possible

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We work with...

Brands and institutions that are aligned with our values.

We are proud of

Every story we are privileged to put out on our platform. We work hard to present well-researched, authentic narratives, that can make a difference. And a big testament of that is the comments we get from our 100,000+ community online. We are self-funded and are very aware that the freedom to tell the stories we want to, the way we want to is, a luxury. And that freedom also makes us more responsible towards our primary audience - young, Indian women.

We are also very proud that we were able to crowdfund three wheelchairs for the Maharashtra Wheelchair Basketball team, when we were really small, with only a 1000 subscribers.

Our WTF moment

Our most watched video online is one on the topic of pubes (pubic hair) and the beauty standards associated around it.

Stay tuned for...

We are super excited for 2019, as we are mixing up our old formats and experimenting with new ones, all at the same time. We just released CENSEX - a video series based on a sex survey we did in 2018. This is the first in a series of deep dive surveys we plan to do this year, watch out for the next one, which is going to be about Periods, female health and hygiene. We are also planning on collaborating with more influencers to talk about a whole host of issues from body positivity to intersectionality in feminism.

Are you hiring?

Not for full time positions, but we’re highly collaborative and always open to explore working with as many curious, passionate and hardworking people as possible.

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