KFC India take their anti hunger campaign to next level

KFC India Anti Hunger Campaign

KFC India and ResponseNet give their views on the KFC India anti-hunger campaign, ‘Ab Meri Baari’ featuring Bollywood artists.

KFC’s founder, Colonel Sanders is eponymous with never giving up. The man who met success at the age of 65, once said, “I just say the moral of my life is – Don’t Quit!”.  What many might not know about the legendary Colonel though, is that he believed in serving the community, and giving everyone a seat at the table. Deriving from his core values, KFC India took on the cause of fighting childhood hunger, with its program addHope.

Highlighting the impact of the program on a child’s overall development, KFC’s partner ResponseNet released a campaign video titled “Ab Meri Baari”.  This video also marks the completion of 3 years of the addHope program.

The video features 30 youngsters from addHope supported centres who are out to grab the world with open hands, shouting out ‘Ab Meri Baari’. With Ram juggling balls, to 7-year old Priyanshi doing the hula hoop, ‘Ab Meri Baari’ is testimony to the fact that daily nourishment helps children reach their truest potential.

The music has been composed by famed Music Composer Shloke Lal, also the co-lyricist of Allah Duhai from Race 3. The song has been sung Tushar Joshi.

Moksh Chopra, Chief Marketing Officer, KFC India said, “The impact of malnutrition on physical, mental and social development of children cannot be emphasized enough. Through ‘Ab Meri Baari’ we want everyone to see the impact of daily meals in a child’s life, as they grow into confident individuals. Colonel Sanders would be proud today to see us not quitting in the fight against hunger and making a real difference through addHope.”

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Kuldip Nar, Founder, ResponseNet said, “We are proud to partner with KFC India in their quest against child hunger. addHope is not just about a meal every day, but how that meal powers a child to get through the day. ‘Ab Meri Baari’ is a true representation of how the addHope program helps children achieve their full potential.”

3 years into the program, addHope today feeds over 15,000 children every day, with a goal to feed 20 million meals by 2020. You can contribute towards feeding a hungry child through addHope by adding INR 5/- to your bill at any KFC restaurant or online order.